Cousin Bruce Morrow, 77 WABC New York | September, 1965

770 New York WABC WJZ The All Americans Ron Lundy Cousin Bruce Morrow Dan Ingram Chuck Leonard Herb Oscar Anderson Scott Muni Steve O'Brien George Michael Harry Harrison Ross & Wilson Howard Hoffman

From the heyday of WABC, here’s a GREAT aircheck of Bruce Morrow when he was a teen jock. Right off we hear Brucie’s custom jingle recorded by the Four Seasons. You’ll love the classic commercials, like Coca-Cola recorded by Freddie and the Dreamers, and more! Dan Ingram is the voice for WABC’s music promos.. and listen to how young he sounds!

WABC is calling themselves ‘Go Go Radio’ at this point in time. Listen as Cousin Brucie announces that Ron Lundy is in at Midnight on this particular night. Lundy came to WABC from St. Louis’ WIL, and somehow I thought he got to WABC later than 1965 but apparently not. A bit later, a Dan Ingram voiced promo saying that Ron Lundy is the brand new All American overnight jock. That’s the first time I ever heard that. And just to confuse you, Brucie announces that Chuck Leonard will be in at 11pm. What kind of schedule did they have back then??

WABC’s weekly song positions come from the All American Sound Survey. And… the legendary WABC Chime jingle is dismembered… the CHIME plays by itself!

The audio quality is quite good, although not quite CD quality since there is some tape hiss present, and there’s a bit of gurgle in the recording that I can’t get out while mastering. As always, this is telescoped, so an original 30 minute reel is condensed down to 11 minutes.