Cox & Zoeller, 1320 WKTQ “13Q” Pittsburgh | Sometime, 1975

Here’s a long-awaited aircheck from Contributor Tom Lacko. One of our earlier contributors, Tom sent this in back in 2003.

Don “Cox on the Radio” Cox and Ray Zoeller obviously had the teen audience glued to 13Q! At the time of this aircheck, 13Q was #2 in the Pittsburgh market, right under 50kw blowtorch KDKA, and with an inferior signal and no jingles or much in the way of imaging, the station with its super high-energy jocks and an assortment of early disco records made its mark on Pittsburgh listeners.

The audio on this can be a bit tough to listen to, but if you can get by the occasional static, its well worth your 22 1/2 minutes. This is a scoped presentation, but the unscoped version provided to us on CD runs over an hour in length!