Dale Dorman, WODS “Oldies 103.3” Boston | February 21, 2009

103.3 Boston WODS WEEI-FM WHTT

A very tired sounding Dale Dorman and his raspy voice plays Boston’s Greatest Hits as the former “Oldies 103.3” plays out its last gasp of 60s music before shifting to a more modern Classic Hits format. Dorman had left the fulltime radio business after his final “Breakfast Club” morning show on September 15, 2008. This recording marks one of his last weekend shows.

Frankly, after hearing an upbeat, funny Dale Dorman so many times over the years, I found this recording to be a bit sad. Dale sounds sick. Or at least, tired. His voice is very hoarse and it seems like he isn’t quite his old self. But that personality… he still, even here, doesn’t stop being a person behind the mic. A 20-something would have simply given the station name, this is, that was, the station and out of it. And thats the mark of a true, Hall of Fame broadcaster. Right to the very end, a warm and personable communicator.

This aircheck is one in a continuing celebration of the career of Dale Dorman. From his days in Syracuse, to the Drake sounds at KFRC San Francisco, to his several decades in Boston Radio and Television, Uncle Dale is warmly remembered as a person everyone loved to hear. He made us feel comfortable. And the music somehow always sounded just a bit better whenever Dale Dorman was on.

Now, Dale is gone, and so are the Oldies. 103.3 is back to playing Top 40 music, just like when it was WEEI-FM and WHTT. The WODS call letters remain, albeit buried in a quick Top of the Hour ID, but they call it Amp Radio now. Whatever they call it, it just ain’t the same.

I’m sure Dale Dorman would agree.

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