Dan Ingram, 101.1 KRTH Los Angeles | June 24, 1998 – Part 1

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East meets West! Or, to put it a different way, try to imagine yourself in 1970-something, listening to Dan Ingram on 93/KHJ. Big Dan delivered a one liner better than Robert W. Morgan!
This proves something else. RKO General’s quick into and out of every element was far tighter than anything in the ABC chain, yet the best of the best never needed a snappy format to deliver! Nor did they need 15 minute talk-blocks in between songs for content. Dan Ingram is heard here doing a short-lived stint as K-Earth’s morning guy, filling in the enormous shoes of the late, longtime morning host Robert W. Morgan.

“Oldies Radio” K-Earth 101 was still playing the hits of the early 60s and 70s when this was recorded, much like Ingram’s second radio home for many years, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York. Here, Ingram sounds much like his old self from WABC. Upbeat, quick and sharp. Its part one of a two part aircheck that we’ll finish posting shortly!

BTW, if you notice a lack of description as to WHY Ingram was on the morning show, even with his own custom Charlie Van Dyke Top of the Hour Imaging-Jingle, watch our comments section. Those who were there (or in close proximity) will be along shortly to explain all about it!

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