960 WELI,Bob Gilmore,Dan Martin,New Haven CT Dan Martin, 960 WELI New Haven | April 26, 1986

Dan Martin, 960 WELI New Haven | April 26, 1986

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960 New Haven 101.3 1300 WELI WKCI WAVZDate of Recording: 04.26.1986
Station: 960 WELI New Haven (C-Quam AM Stereo)
Format: Adult Contemporary
Featured Air Personality: Dan Martin
Contributor: Bob Gilmore
Total Time: 8:17 (Telescoped)
Airchexx Entry: 1,537

Tomorrow’s gonna be a day when you can stretch your dollars… and your legs

Curator’s Notes:

It broke my heart to have to scope this down. This is an original, over the air recording made by Bob Gilmore. It wasn’t a special recording – Bob has literally thousands of cassette and reel to reel tapes in his studio that he recorded over the years – no, this was just another made and it happened to be using his AM Stereo receiver. (Don’t ask me what model, I forgot since he told me when he gave me this file he burned to CD for me).

This features Dan Martin as the weekend jock on duty. There’s a full locally produced newscast in here and 8 minutes of programming in AM Stereo that sound better than half the FM airchecks we have on exhibit here. Literally. This is totally worth your listening time!

5 thoughts on “Dan Martin, 960 WELI New Haven | April 26, 1986”

  1. Great post! I worked with Dan during my tenure at WELI in the mid-80s. I’d love to hear more ‘ELI airchecks from those days(especially ones where I’m doing the news!).

    1. It just so happens I have another one. Bob burned a CD for me with a bunch of really good airchecks that he recorded. Some of his tapes are digitized but most aren’t. I’m about to post what I consider the crown jewel of what he burned for me… a great aircheck of 92 PRO-FM From 1980! Holy cow batman..

  2. I also worked with Dan and handled afternoon drive news from 83-86 on WTRY. Bonus for anyone who has tape of me on his show!

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