October 28, 2021

4 thoughts on “Daniel Coloumbe, 900 CKTS Sherbrooke Que | February 9, 1985

  1. Hi Daniel,
    sorry but I do my best to write good english…
    in the early 60’s and 70’s I was an avid listener of CKTS radio 900AM without neglecting the French radio station CHLT 630AM..
    I want to tribute DJ’s which made ​​us dance,Gordon Breen who was sport’s director but also at ease the turntables, also veteran Kent Fellow on the air weekdays afternoon ”Kent at 4:10” he was the best on the turntables to play the biggest hits of the time,also a great tribute to Harry Green, many times I saw him live in the small studio on Dufferin Street,his show called ”Harry Green Show”on weekdays….
    also hard to forget Jack Cornet, Bob Wood, Alain Dubois,Pat O’Gallager, Burl Dewer, Diana Parker, Jerry Cochrane …..
    it was the golden age of AM radio,the era of 45 that is now called” oldies” …
    if you knew these people please let me know…
    is the most beautiful memories of my adolescence and I’ll never forget them…..
    sorry Daniel,I moved in Montréal in 1973 and I started to listen CFOX radio and CKGM A.M.

    1. Isn’t it great how some of the most wonderful memories slide out of the most obscure places? I vividly remember CKTS from the late 1970s (not the K-900 version shown here) due to my having a whole generation of aunts and uncles living happily in Rock Island and Sherbrooke PQ. So we made the trip at least twice a year and I had a Sony portable AM/FM radio that I listened to the whole trip. Once we got up within 20 miles of Newport VT, 900 started coming in and it was definitely the go-to station for me, since the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont at that time had NOTHING interesting on FM… although the Montreal FMs (CHOM-FM in particular) started coming in on that cheap receiver by the time we got close to the international border.

      I so remember CKTS playing the best music and I was intrigued at hearing some songs that nobody ‘down south’ was playing. Down south meaning in the U.S., as I was a young teenager and while a radio geek, didn’t understand that there were CanCon music rules that Canadian stations had to abide by, and so there was this whole interestingly good world of music that opened up for me by listening to CKTS, just that two or three times a year – but it sure stuck with me.

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