Dave Hull, 1110 KRLA Pasadena | September, 1966

1110 AM Pasadena KRLA

Date of Recording: September, 1966 (Exact date unknown)
Station: 1110 KRLA Pasadena, California
Featured Air Talent: Dave Hull (Hullabaloo)
Contributor: Robyn Watts
Aircheck Entry: 1421


Here’s a restored recording of 1110 KRLA. The source tape was a bit worn and it was recorded on a machine that wound the tape a tad slow. After pitch adjustment and some EQ and Noise Reduction, it’s listenable.

This sounds like a progressive rock station to my ears, more than a Top 40 station. The jingles were very… long and had a hard rock sound to them. Sounds like a station a lot of people today would have loved back then.

Dave Hull is the jock. Fondly remembered as “Hullaballoo”.

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  1. Michael Delfino

    I looked up when the explosion was in Azusa they referenced in the news clip and found a newspaper dated September 24, 1966, meaning the explosion probably happened the day before which would make the recording date probably September 23, 1966

  2. Robert

    Dave Hull’s voice, delivery, and sense of humor remind me so much of the late Bruce Bradley who spent many years at WBZ in Boston as well as WYNY NYC and WCAU in Philadelphia.

  3. John Mack Flanagan

    Love that mid 60’s sound! The music in those days killer! Sir Doighlas 5, Caroline No. beach Boys! Wow! Miss those day.. Cheeseburger and fries..So Cal..didn’t make it there until 1970. Left Banke doin’ request lines! Oooh! Reach Out, Four Tops! 94 degrees!…

  4. John E. Fisher

    I remember listening to KRLA during this time. They played the pop music from that period. It was before the progressive rock era which would come in with thunder in 1967 with the Monterey Pop Festival, L. A.’s first “underground rock” station (KPPC-FM) and the debut of the groups Cream and Jefferson Airplane.

    But the winds of change were in the air. The Beatles held their last concert and the music of the Yardbirds and the Mamas and Papas were starting to displace the sound of Leslie Gore and Motown.

    Their jingles had decidedly changed from the “Ah, yay, yay…” sound from the early 1960’s. This was in contrast to the “Boss Radio, 93-KHJ” which debuted in May 1965 with jingles which were a hold-over sound from the early 1960’s.

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