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Day Composite: KMOX 1120 St. Louis | 1979

Contributor Bob Buchhauer writes:

This legendary CBS O&O, clear channel (1120AM) pulled 20+ shares back in the day. The late Robert Hyland (V.P. & G.M.) assembled a top notch list of talent including Jack Carney, Jack Buck (Joe Buck’s father), and Jim White. You’ll hear Jack Buck hosting an afternoon segment of “At Your Service”, and yes, Bob Costas who covered nighttime sports for Jim White.

1120 AM St. Louis KMOX Robert Highland Jack Carney Joe Buck Jim White Bob Costas

3 thoughts on “Day Composite: KMOX 1120 St. Louis | 1979

  1. As a kid, I hid my transistor radio under my pillow to listen to John McCormick, “The Man Who Walks and Talks at Midnight” on KMOX.

    He did the all-night show on KMOX for more than 30 years.

    His signoff: “And now, the night has separated from the day.”


  2. In the 1980s I worked the graveyard shift in a computer room. Manytimes I worked alone, and during those times I always had on KMOX, listening to Jim White, John McCormick, and Tony Oren, and listened until their day shift people came in and the signal faded out.

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