Dick Heatherton on 101 WCBS-FM New York | April 15 1977

101.1 New York WCBS-FM


WCBS-FM 101 New York – Dick Heatherton – April 15 1977

Since 1972, WCBS-FM has been playing New York’s greatest hits.

It originally played songs from the 50s, 60s, & 70s, with some current songs thrown in. By the late 80s, the current songs were dropped from the format, and the station became a pure Oldies station. The station was a market leader. That lasted until 2005, when the station flipped to Adult Contemporary “Jack FM.” New York hated the station. Jack FM fell to below 20th place in the ratings. By 2007, WCBS-FM was brought back to New York, but this version played music from the mid 60s to the mid 80s. As time marched on, WCBS-FM dropped the 60s music, and started focusing on the 1980s.

WCBS-FM had some legendary names who worked there. Jack Spector, Joe O’Brien, Norm N Nite, Don K Reed, Harry Harrison, Ron Lundy, Dan Ingram, Joe McCoy, Bobby Jay, and the voice heard on this aircheck, Dick Heatherton.

Before working at WCBS-FM, Dick spent many years at WFIL Philadelphia, and WPOP Hartford. I worked with Dick in the late 90s at WBBF-FM in Rochester, and he was the nicest guy, as well as a great on air talent.

This aircheck also features WCBS-FM News with Norm Stevens. -Ellis

101.1 FM New York WCBS-FM CBSFM Bill Brown Bag Golden 101
WCBS-FM Logo, original Oldies format circa 1999


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