8 thoughts on “Don Geronimo, 95.5 WPGC-FM Morningside | March 19, 1980

  1. I’m loving the website and the old clips of Washington-area deejays. However, Don Geronimo is not retired; he hosts a daily show on KHTK out of Sacramento, CA.

  2. This was when PGC was in a BATTLE ROYALE against ABC’s WRQX Q107…perhaps the greatest radio war in DC history.
    SCOTT SHANNON was the PD as i recall
    it’s all documented on the PGC tribute site

    1. You know, I thought of that while scoping this down, however, that’s kinda what you end up with when the music is taken out. Can’t be helped. I’m not taking the commercials out because they are historic in and of themselves, and not subject to royalty payments.

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