When WNBC was bought by Emmis in 1987, and the WFAN sports format was moved from 1050, to 660, Imus in the Morning, was the only show from WNBC to make the transition. Don Imus realize he had to make changes to the show to be a better fit for an all-sports station. He replaced the music they used to play on WNBC, with more interviews, & topical banter. Political guest started to appear on the show. Mayors, Governors, Senators, even the President of the United States made stops on the show to be interviewed by the I-Man. in 1994, cable channel C-Span did a week of simulcasting political radio shows from across the country. Bob Grant from WABC was featured, as well as Michael Jackson from KABC, Irv Homer at Philly’s WWDB, and, Don Imus on WFAN. It’s rare to get a unedited glimpse behind the scenes of a talk show from in studio, but this week of shows gave us that opportunity. Here is a half hour of video inside Imus in the Morning, as the show is broadcast live on WFAN.


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