Dr. John Leader, 790 WQXI Atlanta | December 23, 1972

790 Atlanta WQXI

WQXI Staff Photo from the Early 1970s
Date of Recording: 12.23.1972
Station: 790 WQXI Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Format: Top 40
Featured Air Personality: Dr. John Leader (WQXI/KHJ)
Contributor: Daniel Coulombe (CKTS/CJMQ)
Airchexx Entry: 1,474

…How ’bout it babe, a little puppy would make a great Christmas gift!”


Dr. John Leader is a hidden gem on an airstaff of unbelievable talent. “Quicksie in Dixie” was one of the monnikers used over the years, but in this recording made JUST before Christmas, 1972, the station is simply calling itself ‘QXI. Really. This moves along so fast it’s hard to keep up. Dr. John Leader has that keen, sharp wit that the best of the best Top 40 jocks had, the ability to say something incredibly funny right off the top of his head in between a record. Fast or slow, it didn’t matter.

Taken from side two of Tom Konard’s “Aircheck Factory – Around the Dial #12” cassette provided by our Contributor, Daniel Coulombe, this was the next to last aircheck presented as a wayback feature. It certainly does not disappoint!

790 Atlanta WQXI


  1. Steve Bleecker

    Sounds like a perfect show to me ! Every set is clean, bright…fresh n tight ! John Leader…YOU’RE HIRED !! 🙂

  2. Daniel Coulombe

    I first heard this in 1977 and listened to it so many times that I became fixated with John’s accent and inflections… Unfortunately I never came close to that level of greatness. This meant so much to me at a time where I was paying my hard-earned dues jocking at night at a small station in Northern Ontario, far from family and friends but stedfast in my resolve to make it in broadcasting..

    • You deserved a slot on a major market station. I’ve always thought you have what it takes. Of course, these days radio is much different but I thought you should know how I feel about your level of radio talent.

  3. Karl Phillips

    This aircheck was about a year and a half after I left to serve in the US Navy. I was working weekends at WQXI-FM at the time. Before I left Barry Chase was there along with Dave Weiss.

    Gary McKee, John Leader, Lee Logan , Tomm Rivers, Dave Smith and Ron Parker were hired after I left. Dave Weiss was nice enough to let me cut an aircheck in the production room which I took with me to American Forces Network Iceland and that aircheck got them to put me on their Iceland AM station to work during my time off from my regular Navy duties. Unfortunately Barry Chase has since passed away. I was priveleged to nominate and get Barry in the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame. WQXI was a great station full of talented jocks and nice people. The AM dial is not very good now here in Atlanta. That’s a shame because it could still be great if we had some good stations here. But you all know what messed that good thing up, don’t you ?

    Karl Phillip;s

  4. Randall Underwood

    1972. I was back from Vietnam…WQXI, that was the station to listen to. I had one more year to do in the service. Finished up at Ft Campbell. KY.
    Wow , what a rush hearing the Quxie….
    Randall Underwood

  5. Brian Marchand

    The announcer is annoying. He needs to calm down.

  6. Mike williams

    Didn’t he also work at WQOK in Greenville,SC at one time?

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