Ed O’Brien & Bob Scott, Morning Drive on WSB-FM “B98.5” Atlanta | September 1991

Here’s a very entertaining look at one of those stations that moved away from Beautiful music and into the AC world in the early 80s. 1980, to be precise, here at the FM sister to legendary WSB 750 AM. Yep, WSB-FM has a long colorful history (the first commercial FM in the Southeast, among other things).

We’re actually featuring the morning show from 1991 here, where “B98.5” is right in the middle of the format, musically. Listen for jingles which are a re-sing of JAM’s “The Best Show” package originally created for KIMN Denver…. and a great Legal ID TOH jingle resing, which is the original (IIRC) WABC Newstalk 77 TOH, also used in instrumental form at 700 WLW Cincinnati for a while.

This is not a terribly long aircheck but its important to see where mainstream AC was in ’91. 5 years before Telcom 96 took it’s toll… the music is right on target, the WSB-FM has an exciting (and fully staffed) morning show, and overall sounds great.