October 18, 2021

7 thoughts on “Dale O’Brien & Bob Scott, Morning Drive on WSB-FM “B98.5” Atlanta | September 1991

  1. Ed O’Brien? That’s the legendary Dale O’ Brien in the morning. This used to be my favorite station back in 2nd grade. Very tight, professional-sounding adult contemporary back in 1991, back when GA 400 was a mere toll road. Thanks a lot, Mr. Steve. This is bringing back fond memories.

  2. Just a quick note from a jingle geek. There are actually a number of JAM jingle packages used on this aircheck. We’ve got a couple cuts from “The Best Show 2” from KIMN/Denver; one from “Nonstop Power” from WPLJ/NY, and the music bed Kari does traffic/weather over is from “On Target” from KSD-FM/St. Louis. That legal ID jingle is from TM’s “WABC Talkradio 89” which was done 7 years into WABC’s talk format.

  3. Indeed that is DALE O’Brien. When I was in high school, he was the afternoon drive jock on then-CHR Z93. For a couple of years (’83-’84) I got to follow him on B98.5 when I did middays. I used to come in early just to sit in the studio and watch him work – he was hilarious off the air too. He used to do a great impression of Dick Hemby, the no-talent morning man who was then on WSB-AM.

  4. This is “OBrien in the Morning.” Dale O’Brien is the host, Kari Dean is co-host/news anchor, Rob Scott produced the show. Joanne Clarke and Trooper Dave did the traffic.

  5. Weren’t Dale O Brien and Kari Dean reunited on Peach for a while? Then Kari worked with John Weatherbee.

  6. I read where Kari Dean is now producing TV news at WAGA Fox 5. Not sure where Dale O Brien is these days.

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