Eddie Gayle, KDUB 1340 Lubbock | December 1957


I have always been fascinated by 50s radio. it was the transitional decade from radio being the home of comedy & dramas, to the home of Rock & Roll & Radio DJs. So many radio stations were trying to figure out how to do this new style of radio.  This air check features KDUB 1340 in Lubbock, sister station to CBS affilliate, KDUB-TV (present-day KLBK-TV), and owned by Lubbock business man, Dub Rogers. It’s fascinating hearing the style of the radio station, and along with the ads & of course the music. Close your eyes, listen, & be transported back over 60 years ago to 1957.




Ellis B Feaster





From the Ellis B Feaster You Tube Radio Aircheck & Classic TV Channel.







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