99.5 WGAY,Big Apple Airchecks,Fast Jimi Roberts,Washington DC Fast Jimi Roberts, 99.5 WGAY Washington DC | April 16, 1999

Fast Jimi Roberts, 99.5 WGAY Washington DC | April 16, 1999

99.5 Washington DC WHIT WGAY WJMO

Jimi Roberts

Jimi Roberts WLIF Baltimore Staff Photo

My name is Fast Jimi. New Radio Station, New DJ…

The WGAY call letters were essentially history except for this first day or two. 99.5 was called “Jammin 99-5” right out of the box, but as you’ll hear, the station is running a contest to ‘name the station’.

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Fast Jimi Roberts came from New York City. He was one of the CHR jocks of the WPLJ Top 40 era. Mojo Radio killed that, so here’s Jimi in Washington, doing what we’d call ‘old school’ Top 40, R&B style. Actually, the format was and is called Urban Oldies. Sounds great, in my opinion!

A few notes about the recording itself. This sounds like it came out of the station’s skimmer machine. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s basically a tape deck that’s wired up to automatically record when the studio mic is turned on and then off again when the mic is turned off. Sometimes the audio quality isn’t the best because those machines saw a lot of use. This particular tape has some silence between when you hear talking or music. That is usually because someone processed the digitized tape to get rid of what we call ‘white noise’. Of course, this is just a guess, since I haven’t talked to Jimi about the recording itself.

This was graciously donated to Airchexx by Fast Jimi Roberts himself, via the digitizing efforts of Big Apple Airchecks! We thank both of them greatly!!

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