Well, why not.  Have at it, argue till you’re blue in the face.  But… the rules…

  1. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS!   The very first time, you get booted and blocked.  You can attack policies, you can swing away at the parties and you can bash the president if that’s what you like.  But DO NOT BASH another member in this group.  Period.   Disclaimer:  This website is NOT responsible for verifying factual information.  We are simply a place to exercise one’s 1st Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech.  (I’ve always wanted to do this!!)
  2. No trolls.  Everyone must register for an account and be verified here.  If you’re not okay with that, go find a place to play on Facebook.
  3. This is a place for RESPONSIBLE discussion of ISSUES, not people.  Yes.  It should be a more high-brow caliber of discussion than social media.  Remember that as you post.
  4. This is the ONLY spot on Airchexx where one is allowed to speak of politics.  You cannot mention political things anywhere else on this site, including comments on individual posts.  All replies are moderated and nothing gets by.   Enjoy, but post at your own risk.


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