5 thoughts on “George Allen, 94.3 WLVS ‘Stereo Country’ Memphis | 1979

  1. Thanks VERY MUCH for choosing this aircheck for your site, and for the additional input on the station! I’ll put a link to this page where I have the aircheck on mine. Again, thanks!

    1. Wow! You’re fast! Sammy, I don’t think I know you, but I sure have a special place in my heart for Memphis radio, having been on the air there from 2000-2005 and again in 2007. I really miss it there at times! Thanks for letting me put that up!

  2. I was on the air at LVS from 1979-83. We were the first stereo country station in the region. George Allen, Ron Jordan, John Hernandez, George Klien and Kimberly VanScoy and myself were the regulars. A whopping 6000 watts at the time. KIX106 came in and killed us with 100K watts. BOY! Great times at that station!!

    1. George Kline?!! I shouldn’t be surprised, though. The station reaked of Elvis from the calls right down to the owner. Ain’t nobody left alive who remembers more about the King than George. How’s he doing? Talk to him lately? I haven’t seen him since he had his Elvis show on the old WSRR… George is good people, he is!

  3. WLVS is where Klein’s “Elvis Hour” got started. Now he’s on XM19 with the same show he’s been doing for the past 35 years. I would REALLY like to hear a Ron Jordan aircheck if anyone has one. He did some things at LVS that Dees never would have dared to try. Of course, Jordan did get in a lot of trouble back then, too. RIP, RJ.

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