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By Steve West

Steve West is a 41 year veteran of broadcasting. His air work as a Jock and News Anchor includes six radio markets and over two-dozen radio stations. Steve is the founder of and - All the BIG Hits!

9 thoughts on “Glenn Morgan on WXLO 99X New York | March 1, 1978”
  1. I believe this WBAB aircheck was recorded in the evening rather than the morning. If you listen closely, the jock seems to mention the evening. Plus, Bob Buchman, who is mentioned, was WBAB’s longtime morning man before moving to WAXQ NYC.

  2. The Glenn “Bumper” Morgan on this 99x aircheck,
    is the late Fred Merrin, he was P.D. and did the
    midday shift at “The Big E”, WENE in Binghamton,
    N.Y. when we worked together in the mid ’70’s.
    After working at WPIX and WNBC, He relocated to
    Pittsburgh where he worked on air until his
    passing almost two years ago.

  3. i am shocked to hear of the passing of bumper morgan. i listened to him on 99x and wnbc. could someone find more air checks of this extraordinary d.j wow what a surprise. i was a the way why doesnt charlie burger work on cbsfm . you guys always sounded the same regards marty schindelheim

  4. Just by chance I googled my late cousins name and found this clip. He had the perfect “radio voice” and always had something kind to say. He was radio. He was a radioman in the Navy during Vietnam and I grew up listening to him at WENE and spent many hours there at the station watching him cue up 45’s!! No digital then….I remember Charlie “Ham” Burger too.(above)There was a news director there at WENE that was reading his copy and Fred lit his papers on fire. While the guy was OTA!!
    Years later the same thing was on a episode of WKRP…(Johnny lights Les Nessmans copy).
    Thru the years I got to spend time with Fred and his wife Anne and their daughters.I spent a week with them in ’78 and went everyday to 99x in the
    city with him.
    He told me something then that took me 30 years to realize…”No matter what anyone tells you Mike, It’s all one song…..

    Rest in peace Bumper. You are missed.

  5. It’s amazing when you get into your 50s anything can happen so sorry to hear about Bumper Morgan although I was in San Francisco during this time what an aircheck. It’s good to know he had people who loved him and he lived the life. WXLO sounds like a fun place to work.

  6. REST IN PEACE Glenn you were always kind & encouraging to me as I answered the request lines at X and encouraged my own radio career 1978-1998 hope to chat with you in Heaven!

  7. I too worked at 99X 1978-1982. As the morning traffic writer and then engineer.

    Glenn was always great to work with. When I was leaving we exchanged phone numbers. He said something that will always stick in mind. I only give my phone# to my friends. I wish that he live in peace. Not only a great d.j., bit a great person too.

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