Gord Johnson, The “Sunday Funnies”; CHUM-FM Toronto | October 4, 1987


For those of you familiar with AOR FM radio in the late 70s and 80s, remember how when most other commercial radio stations were broadcasting either church services or some other public affairs programming to fulfill the governments public service requirements? Many Album Rock stations took this opportunity to run the truly bizzare or fun shows of the day. Shows like Dr. Demento… even music shows and album rock specials. Sunday mornings and evenings after 7pm were filled with some of the most memorable shows. This is no exception.

Gord Johnson is your host for the Sunday Funnies. This aired Sunday evenings, followed by some Old-Time-Radio feature of police stories. Very entertaining indeed.

This was how many AOR stations did things back then. The real serious public affairs programs usually ran after 9pm, typically between 10pm and midnight. This should bring back some pleasant memories!

Courtesy of Contributor Frank Davis…

18 Replies to “Gord Johnson, The “Sunday Funnies”; CHUM-FM Toronto | October 4, 1987”

  1. Andrew Chiasson

    Nice aircheck. Ingrid Schumacher is still at CHUM-FM doing middays. A great CITY-TV ad too cross-promoting the sister TV station. It’s too bad they didn’t get long time CITY-TV voice the late Mark Dailey to do the ad. The cool thing about the Sunday Funnies is that it ran for several years before and after this aircheck was recorded. I think this show ended after Rick Hodge left the station in 2008. It was a Sunday tradition in Toronto.

  2. Andrew

    Holy crap this is Great!!!!! I have a box of tapes of old Sunday night funnies shows. I was 14 when this one aired. Wow. What an amazing trip down memory lane. The music bumpers make me feel like I’m a kid staying up too late. ThankYou!!! Do you have more?

  3. Emily

    Do you still have the download of A Christmas Carol or do you know who originally did it? Listening to this was my childhood and I’m looking to see if I can find a copy.

    • Jay Hickey

      Hi Kim, Not sure if you’ll still get this message as I’m replying from the previous year – I moved and likely didn’t get your message, originally.

      If you’re still looking for a copy of A Christmas Carol I have it and can send it or post to Dropbox for you.

      I loved it as a kid, as well. I’ve searched everywhere trying to figure out who originally produced it, but no luck.

      I still listen to it and got my own kids into it. Looking forward to digging it out again this year.


  4. Andrew

    That end music at 45:00… wow. Its burned into my brain. I spent many a Sunday night hearing that, then theatre of the mind starting. Was kind of stressful to hear the show end and not be alseep, school in the morning. It’s more than 25 years later, married, 3 kids.. Still up too late. I really need to digitize my tapes.

    Ps this show should have a “the Sunday funnies” tag to link with the other show.

    • Andrew

      Oh wow I just saw this. Thank you! Wow Gord Johnson. Cool! What a great show this was. I STILL need to digitize my tapes. Ill post here when I do.

    • Jay

      Is this THE Gord from the show?

      I know it’s an insane question, but do you have any idea what version of A Chistmas Carol CHUM used to play on Theatre of the Mind every year?

  5. Paul

    I remember this wonderful time so well! I think I have 60 plus cassette tapes of Dr Demento, and several of the Theater of the Minds as well. And is that great famous version of the Christmas Carol available somewhere here? I would LOVE to get a copy of that one!!

  6. Jay

    Hey Paul… I have been searching for this version of a Christmas Carol for ages…. listening to hundreds of radio plays and books on tape. I’m still on the hunt. If you find it, please let me know…

  7. Paul English

    My name is Paul English. The times of the Sunday Funnies, Dr Demento and the theater of the mind are alll so very special and can never be replaced. I also have a bunch of cassette tapes which are considered gold nowadays! I wish everyone all the best listening! Take care of everyone! 😉🔊🙋👍💜

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