Gregg Thunder, 97.1 WQHT “Hot 97” New York | Summer, 1989


It’s been a long while since we visited the fabulously enormous Robyn Watts collection! This is technically un-dated, however based upon the music and one sweeper we believe it to be from June or July 1989. Our visitors are very good guessers, I’m sure this mystery will be solved rather soon. 🙂

Gregg Thunder is an amazing jock here, with one of the highest-energy presentations we’ve heard in a long time! Hot 97 never had jingles, but the production elements were and still are top-notch! Rhythmic CHR done this way is a format others can only try to duplicate (and there are many copies, but only ONE Hot 97!)!!!


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  1. Larry Livingston

    It appears to be Broadway Bill Lee handing off to Greg Thunder.

    Can hear Bill Lee using his trademark closer…”Kiss your mom, ban the bomb and remember God loves you.”

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