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Holiday Sampler: Dido, on 93.7 KRQQ Tucson | December 23, 1995


Here’s the first of a few “Holiday Sampler” scopes we’ll post this year as we get ready for that time of year again! 93.7 KRQ is, in this recording, an Urban/Rhythmic-leaning CHR station. In fact, the station has been Top 40/CHR since 1977! I’m not sure of the exact year (1988 or 89), but under former Program Director Clarke Ingram, KRQ was once the highest rated Top 40 station in America!

Ten Songs In A Row! Okay. Perhaps that was still a big deal in the mid-90s but today with streaming, YouTube and all that perhaps not as much. The morning show during this time was “Mojo and Betty in the Morning” And those of you who listened to KRQ a LONG time ago will remember the early 80’s vintage Holiday jingle, at 1:10 in! Perhaps you remember this station in it’s prime! We’d sure love to read your comments below.

93.7 Tucson KRQ KRQQ


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October 4, 2015 at 6:13 pm

Yes. The great Clarke Ingram was the program director at 93.7 KRQ in 88-89. I was blessed to be a part of his team then (I was Kidd Kelly at the time). KROQ was the highest rated CHR in the country (33 share). Would have been the highest radio station in the country, but the country station in Nashville was a bit higher.
Clarke left and John Peake came in as PD.

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