94.1 WYSP,Howard Stern Howard Stern’s First Day on 94 WYSP Philadelphia | August 18 1986

Howard Stern’s First Day on 94 WYSP Philadelphia | August 18 1986

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In 1986, Philadelphia’s Rock battle was on! MetroMedia’s 93.3 WMMR was winning that war, especially in the morning with John DeBella & The Morning Zoo. Infinity Broadcasting’s 94 WYSP was lagging behind with Scruff Connors in the morning. 90 miles up I-95, WYSP’s sister station, WXRK 92.3 K-Rock was having success with it’s brand new morning man, Howard Stern, who had just moved from afternoons to mornings. Stern joined WXRK after being dumped by WNBC a year earlier. The programmers at WYSP had an idea. When Stern was on WNBC, he pulled a 1 to 2 share in Philadelphia, so many people in Philadelphia already knew who he was, and maybe his show would work on WYSP.  At the time conventional wisdom said a morning show had to be local, and if you piped it in from another city, it would not work. After some talks between WYSP, WXRK, & Stern, they decided to see if you could do a morning show in two cities at the same time. The morning battle in Philly became very nasty & very personal as Stern & DeBella went at it. This aircheck is before everything turned nasty, on the first day of the Stern simulcast experiment.




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  1. I got Stern’s first day in mornings at WXRK right after they fired Jay Thomas. Also have Stern right after ratings time in the mid 1980’s. His show 2-6 had a 5.4 rating and NBC’s FM WYNY 97.1 had a cumulative rating of 1.5 and so Stern walked around with a wireless mike gloating about his ratings.

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