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I was on vacation in Jamaica, back in October 2016. A hurricane was coming, and I was desperately trying to get on a flight back to Orlando. While I was in the airport waiting for one of the last flights off the island, I started recording one of the local radio stations on my phone, RJR 94.1. The service began broadcasting in 1950 as Radio Jamaica and Rediffusion Network. Today, RJR stands for Real Jamacian Radio, and is one of the most listened to radio services on the island, and the flagship station of the RJR Communications Group, consisting of 3 radio stations, a TV station, and an online media service.

I have to admit I was a little scared as I was recording this, thinking at the time I would be stranded on the island for days after the storm, but I made it back to Florida. It’s interesting to hear what the radio coverage sounds like for an island, as a potentially deadly storm is coming.





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