September 23, 2021

6 thoughts on “Imus In The Morning – Last Day on 66 WNBC New York | 1988

  1. Listen I has to live with Imus until he got the Ray Charles record at WFAN. above all he was a professional. so was Big Wilson who I worked with at both WNBC and at WHN. I miss them both


  2. Had a chance to work with Fred Imus in El Paso in the early 80’s took Don to Juarez and loved the chance to visit with him for a day. Fred RIP miss you buddy

  3. I must say I liked this ‘check from beginning to end; especially the mini-history lesson about WEAF somewhere in the beginning. WFAN was the Mets’ flagship from its inception on 1050 thru the 2013 season. They’re now the Yankees’ flagger. I wish one of the other CBS O&Os did the Mets. WCBS-AM did the Yankees from 2002-13. WOR is now the Mets’ flagship.

  4. One other thing. I have an Imus aircheck from 1982 in which he said if WABC had him, they’d still be Musicradio 77 (back in ’82). This was shortly after 77’s switch to news/talk.

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