Jackie Rush, 100.3 KGGG Rapid City SD | August 5, 1992

Mt. Rushmore

Rapid City, not being a major market, did have stations with a major market sound to them. You’ll really enjoy hearing Jackie Rush, who sounds warm and loveable! This aircheck came to us on a C-90 cassette. We got it unscoped, but scoped down for presentation here, this runs 11:05 in our custom player (below)



This was recorded about three years before format changes, first to Oldies, then, to it’s current Classic Rock incarnation as KFXS “The Fox”. “Hit 100 FM”, as it was known at the time of this recording, featured live jocks and a fairly tight format, using Jam’s “Z-World” jingle package, with custom sings for Hit 100.

More information about KGGG Rapid City is available at the station owner’s website. We can find no logo anywhere for this station, despite an exhaustive search, so if someone out there has a bumper sticker and would like to scan it, we’d love to post it with this aircheck.

As always, listener comments are welcome.