Jay Douglas, WTIX-FM New Orleans | 1996

94.3 WTIX-FM New Orleans

94.3 WTIX-FM TowerDate of Recording: 1996 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: 94.3 WTIX-FM (KLEB-FM/KZZQ-FM/KBAU) New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Format: Oldies
Featured Air Personalities: Jay Douglas, Doug O’Brien (News) (WNBC/WINS)
Contributor: Annonymous


I hate to call this ‘sloppy’, but there are numerous pauses between elements in this format. It sounds as if WTIX-FM is using one of those old fashioned reel-to-reel automation systems that had a bit of a lag at times when switching from one reel, or cart machine to another. Either way, this was recorded before computer automation and it’s associated ability to allow production folks to make gawd-awful, effects laden sweepers that run between every song these days. Yes, there are plenty of dead segues here, and that’s nice to hear.

Listen for old WTIX (AM) jingles, a playlist that’s literally all over the place, and a full network newscast from Doug O’Brien (WNBC, WINS).

WTIX-FM New Orleans


  1. Brady

    Wow, JD played “The Boys of Summer” one of my all time favorites! I was suprised to hear TIX-FM play 70s and 80s cuts. For quite some time now, they’ve focused on 60s music. Today the station has an automation system and it gets plenty of use as to my knowledge there is only one live air shift.

    A couple of biographical notes: The station voice is that of Mike Costello, station MD/PD and pretty much everything else. The DJ on this check is JD the DJ, a long time New Orleans radio personality who worked at the legendary WRNO prior to TIX-FM. He has his own webiste with pics and airchecks of New Orleans radio at //www.jdthedj.com

  2. How splendid to hear a slice of Funloving 94.3 way back in its infancy, in fact a year after it first signed on! 😎

    99.5 WRNO, the former stomping ground for JD The DJ and Michael In The Morning (his late brother Joe founded the station and he helmed the Sunday night edition of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame), was still suffering from the aftereffects of mistakenly switching to (gag!) Z-Rock @ the time…

  3. Frank Cipriano

    anybody know the whereabouts of the following guys form N.O. radio. Skinny Tommty,Scoot,Skip Brousard,Mike Green,Terry Knight,Johnny Dark, Bobby Reno,Chuck Rivers and a guy who was on WXEL in the 70’s white station with a black format. I want to say maybe Barry ? Love the old days of radio before the giants took over. Let me know where most of the old N,O. djs working at today. Thanks Radionutt Frankie C.

  4. Blair

    Skinny’s in Nashville, Scoot was in Denver, now back in N.O..Skip Broussard in Dallas (sales), Michael Green deceased, Terry Knight somewhere in N.O., Johnny Dark ?, Bobby Reno on WTIX-FM, Chuck Rivers ? and Barry Richards, the hunk of funk is D.C.

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