Jocko Henderson WOV 1280 New York | 1957

“It’s your engineer, Jocko, your Ace from Outer Space, way up here in the stratosphere! Back on the scene with the record machine, sayin’ oop-pop-a-doo and how do you do?” -Jocko Henderson

Douglas “Jocko” Henderson, also know as “The Ace from Outer Space,” was one of the most unique jocks of the 1950s & 60s. He would start every show by blasting off in his virtual rocket ship, and decades before “Broadway” Bill Lee, he would talk in rhyme. Jocko would talk over the records, and rhyme everything he said in a style that would later influence countless other disc jockeys. He is now widely acknowledged as the father of rap music because of his rapping style on the air.

jocko henderson wov wado
Jocko’s on air career started in Baltimore at WSID. He then moved up to Philly, where he was on air at WHAT & WDAS. By 1954, Jocko made the big time, doing his Rocket Ship Show on 1280 WOV (and later WADO) in New York City weeknights at 11 after Alan Freed. Jocko was on of the first DJ to do radio broadcasts commuting back and forth daily between two cities, broadcasting from Philly in the afternoons and New York at night. Jocko was also a show promoter, and put together many shows over the years, in Philly & New York. He continued on the radio in Philadelphia on WDAS until the mid 1970s. In the 1980s & 1990s, he would occasionally appear on the air at WDAS-FM, & WCBS-FM.


jocko henderson wov wado


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