Joey Reynolds On Air AUDITION, on WNBC 66 New York | October 1974

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WNBC 66 New York – Joey Reynolds AUDITION – October 1974

Courtesy: Mike McCann Tauss

Joey Reynolds has pretty much done it all after 6 decades in broadcasting, Radio Personality, Talk Show Host, TV Talkshow Host, Program Directory. You name it, He’s Done it. His radio resume reads like a list of legendary radio stations… WKBW in Buffalo, WDRC & WPOP in Hartford, WDOK, WGAR & WIXY in Cleveland, KQV in Pittsburgh, KMGG, KMPC and KRTH in Los Angeles, WIBG and WFIL both in Philadelphia, WNBC, WABC, & WOR New York, KOA Denver, WSHE, WIOD & WQAM Miami, WFLY Albany, WHYT & WXYZ Detroit, and others!

This aircheck features Joey Reynolds, when he auditioned for a job on 99 WNBC in 1974. You’ll hear Joey’s freewheeling style, and some of his classic bits as well. There is also several minutes of a WNBC newscast at the end of this aircheck. Joey wound up going to work for WNBC over a decade later in 1986 & 87. -Ellis

  From the Ellis B Feaster You Tube Radio Aircheck & Classic TV Channel.