John Bouchet, “Club 102-7”, WXYV B102-7 Baltimore | November 20, 1999


Club mix fans will enjoy this scope of John Bouchet mixing live at Baltimore’s Rhythmic Top 40 B102-7. Running just about 21 minutes out of the original two-sided TDK D-90, you get a real feel for the near perfect mixes done the only way a real mix show can be – with vynl.

Remember, this was a mere three years after Telcom ’96, and the disasterous unintended consequences of rampant consolidation hadn’t completely become evident. Yet. Note the complete lack of any mention of internet, smart phones, tablets or computers. I believe we were still using America Online back then, right? And it was all on dialup. In fact, the housing market hadn’t crashed yet, and 9/11 was still two years away. Do you realize just how long ago this was?


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  1. Amy Graziano

    This definitely takes me back to my high school years. This is the station my friends and I always listened to.

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