John Records Landecker, 89 WLS Chicago | March, 1988

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WLS 89 890 Susan Platt Larry Lujack Jeff Davis 94.7 AM FM Chicago John Records LandeckerCourtesy of longtime contributor Robyn Watts, from California Aircheck tape #96, here’s Chicago’s 890 AM WLS. John Records Landecker is the featured jock on a very TALK intensive show that features very little in the way of music, but still playing the contemporary “AM 89 WLS” jingles from Jam Creative Productions.

I’m struck by just how warm WLS sounds. Warm as a descriptive word meaning entertaining and comfortable. Landecker is perfectly at home as a talk show host, although this is NOT a talk show, or a talk station. More, perhaps, a variety show at this point in the evolution of WLS-AM.

Take note of Landecker’s announcement that Tom Snyder begins airing that night at Midnight. Snyder was syndicated nationally by ABC and was another milestone in WLS’ move from music to talk – a move that would take almost another year and a half to complete.

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  1. Adam

    I think you mean John Landecker’s announcement was that Tom Snyder’s talk show was airing on WLS, as that was the only thing I could hear about a talk show on this aircheck.

    Also kind of interesting that John made a quip about gone, gone, gone, referencing a lyric in Hall and Oates’ version of “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”.

    Of course a year and a half later(as mentioned in the description of this aircheck) WLS AM’s days in a music format would be gone, gone, gone.

  2. Correct. My brain did a translation when I wrote that while listening. Fixed

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