John Records Landecker Retires; Final Show, 94.7 WLS-FM Chicago | July 31, 2015

94.7 Chicago WLS-FM
WLS-FM "Classic Hits" Logo, 2015

John Records Landecker at WLS-FM 94.7
Date of Recording: 07.31.2015
Format: Classic Hits
Branding: “94-7 W-L-S, Chicago’s Classic Hits
Featured Air Personality: John Records Landecker (WOIA/WILS/WIBG/WLS/CFTR/WLUP/WAGO/WPHR/WJMK/WZZN/WLS-FM) (Wikipedia)
Total Time: 1:04:02 (Telescoped)
Airchexx Entry: 1,539
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Don’t be nervous, don’t be rocky, your our teenage, guest disc jockey now!

Curator’s Notes:

The culmination of a long broadcasting career is presented here with a digital recording of John Landecker’s final show in Chicago – or anywhere! We could write a few paragraphs describing this show, but the program’s opening pretty much tells you how the night went.

This opens with a piece that aired on PBS Television back in the 1970s (someone out there knows the date), the audio of which includes Landecker’s being interviewed in between records. He’s asked if he’s ever nervous. John quips back, “Well of course I’m nervous. I’ve got public television AND my Program Director sitting in the studio waiting on what I’m going to do…” From there, it’s back to the present (2015) and a call to his mom and dad, who prove once and for all that “Records truly is your middle name”…

We’d like to honor a living legend the best way we can, by presenting the final radio show of one of the last living greats from the AM Top 40 era – John Records Landecker!

WLS-FM “Classic Hits” Logo, 2015