John Saville, 107.1 WYNY “Y107” (Briarcliff Manor) New York – “The Demo”

New Country Y-107 WYNY 107.1 Briarcliff Manor 107.1 New York

John Cadillac Seville
John “Cadillac” Saville


A short but sweet quick check of the Caddyman doing some fill-in time on what was known as New Country Y-107. Four suburban New York City rimshot signals all broadcast on the same frequency. Perhaps in response to this station having been on 103.5 previously enjoying full coverage of the metro area. Those stations were all on the same frequency and synchronized so that no matter where a listener was driving, if there was any interference from the other signal it was minimal and the programming exactly the same. Those stations were: WWXY Hampton Bays NY, WWYY Belvedere NJ, WWZY Long Branch NJ and WYNY Briarcliff Manor NY. An interesting side story would be what happened at WWZY after the quadcast broke up in 2002. WWZY became AC/Oldies “The Breeze”, and for a time did these “Radio Greats” Weekends. We have a bit of that here at airchexx.

We also have some other WYNY airchecks from different eras and frequencies.

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There is a bit of a write-up about this Quadcast on Wikipedia which you can read at your leisure.

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  1. rockin' ron kay

    ….a very easy guy to listen ‘with’. Personable, real, low key with punch where it’s called for. Great style. Reminds me guys I worked with over the years. Kenny West (MacDavid), Bill Burch, Bob Hartzell (Dick Diamond), Larry Hayes (Nieslson), Alan Stone (Steve Lamont), Terry Nelson…..guys who kept it real, with enough ‘tongue in cheek’ about it all……..jeezuz people…..its just radio….were just playing records and selling stuff. we love it…we love you too. Here’s a good song, dammit. check out KATY San Luis Obispo …on this site…….its a composite of some of us…..just having fun doing radio.

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