Jonathan Holly, 1520 WINW Canton | May 1976


Courtesy of Contributor Keith Teicher. Here’s a crystal clear recording of Rockin’ WIN! WINW here features some great jingles, reverb and talented jocks. This is from a great era in AM radio, before FM killed off the great AM hit music stations, here’s a recording which shows off how great wideband AM sounded. Now, try to imagine this in AM Stereo and compare it with today’s compressed (and digitized) FM broadcasts. Definitely, AM sounded better back then!

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  1. Jim Gaspar


    Thanks so much for finding this. I got such a kick out of this, and shoot we were so high energy for the little teapot station we had. I must admit that this was my favorite job of all time. I visited there in 1999, 223 years after I last worked there. Apparently they still had some old printed stuff with my face on it. Every year when the Hall of Fame Game is played memories come back.

    Thanks again Keith!!

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