October 17, 2021

6 thoughts on “Jonathan Schwartz, “A Tribute To Baseball”, WNEW (AM) New York | January 31, 1988

  1. I seem to recall he did this broadcast the morning/ midday on Super Bowl Sunday. On this particular day the Resins defeated Denver.

  2. I think Joe is right. Jonathan hosted a Sunday mid-morning for years. His salute to Basebal on Super Bowl was an anual tradition going back to his NEW FM days.

  3. I’d forgotten that Clorox spot (at 40:30). First time I’d heard it in probably more than a quarter century. Also, near the end, I really liked that partial broadcast, from 1938, of the Senators and Indians. Trivia time: That Senators franchise became the Minnesota Twins, and the second one (Senators) is now the Texas Rangers.

  4. Sorry for not paying enough attention to the description, but I did learn that WNEW had a Mutual affiliation, having listened to the whole aircheck. From 1980-85, WHN was Mutual-owned, and of course, its NYC outlet. One other thing, I didn’t hear that little “be-doop” sound that Mutual used on commercial breaks in this aircheck. Anyone remember that?

  5. The Senators-Indians broadcast is actually from September 21, 1939 when WJSV-Washington famously preserved its entire broadcast day.

  6. I have to laugh a little at Schwartz’s totally erroneous description of the “Mutual” call of Bobby Thomson’s home run. That is in fact Gordon McLendon on the Liberty Network, not Mutual (Mutual did have their own broadcast but it doesn’t exist). The Liberty Network was a group of stations that ordinarily specialized in doing Western Union recreations of games but this was a rare occasion where they did a game live from the scene. This was well-known at the time Schwartz played this clip.

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