October 19, 2021

9 thoughts on “Karl Phillips, 1530 WRAI San Juan | Undated

  1. This aircheck is probably the only other time I’ve heard Pink Floyd’s “Us and Them” on AM radio… than when I played it on 1570 WYHI Fernandina Beach, FL. Cool…

  2. I noticed there are no commercials here. Is this because of the hour, or was the station mainly non-commercial?

    1. The station was brand new…probably only a couple of days old so it was the time of day, and the fact the we we’re brand new.

      Thanks Karl

  3. Phil in PHX. I don’t know how you dated that but sounds good and accurate to me. Thanks.

    Karl Phillips

  4. Karl- I did it in a few simple steps.
    First, you announced on this check that you were playing the “brand new Chicago album…Chicago 7”. A simple google check shows this album was released in 1974.
    To get the exact date, I just googled a few of the baseball scores that were announced as “yesterday’s scores”, and I got April 13th…and since that was “yesterday”, the date of this aircheck would therefore be April 14th, 1974.

    Great aircheck, btw!

    1. Paul in PHX – Nice of you to complement my aircheck. Great work pinpointing the date. I was stationed in the Navy in PR. and was soon discharged after this aircheck and chose to return to Atlanta rather than stay at WRAI.


  5. I actually flew down there looking for work in the summer of ’75…I met Radio Man, the GM, but by this time the station didn’t sound as together as on this aircheck. The jocks included Dave White and Phil Baker. RadioRock was the hottest sounding station in town at the time. The only other english language station was an MOR station, WHOA. Fun aircheck!

  6. Radio Man was the GM when I was there and I worked with Dave White. I worked with Phil Baker at WBMJ before the language change and Moniker change to Radio Rock. They did sound good using the “shotgun” jingle Bill Drake format. Wish I knew where Phil Baker was now. To my knowledge there are no English Top 40’s there in Puerto Rico any more.

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