102.9 WDRC-FM,Hartford Ken Gilbert, 1360 WDRC Hartford | January 1983

Ken Gilbert, 1360 WDRC Hartford | January 1983

1360 AM Hartford, WDRC, Big D


Date of Recording: January, 1983
Contributor: Ken Gilbert
Station: 1360 WDRC (AM) Hartford
Featured Air Talent: Ken Gilbert


I asked Mr. Gilbert what WDRC-AM sounded like before the flip to Oldies, and so here’s a 9 minute high-quality scope from 1983. While Ken didn’t say so, it sure seems like Buckley did more of a slow format turn towards oldies from Top 40 during ’83. Listen to this, then the aircheck from later in 1983 to get a feel for where the station was going.

5 thoughts on “Ken Gilbert, 1360 WDRC Hartford | January 1983”

  1. Ken is terrific regardless of the format! I worked with Ken during this time and the PD at the time was against ever mentioning Big D. Notice, there were no jingles either.

  2. One correction on the date: this may be from February or March or possibly April of 1983; the mention of the USFL games in the aircheck definitely places this as after January as the USFL’s inaugural season of 1983 started in late February or early March.

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