Ken Gilbert, 1390 WVAA Burlington VT | September 29, 2004

1390 WVAA Burlington VT WCAT

KenGilbert-InStudioDate of Recording: 09.29.2004
Station: 1390 WVAA Burlington Vermont, USA
Format: Classic Country
Featured Air Personality: Ken Gilbert (WAQY, WTIC-FM, WDRC, WDRC-FM, WKNE-FM, WDOT, WZRT, WVAA, WVTK)
Contributor: Ken Gilbert
Airchexx Entry: 1,452

“We help take away the stress”


Contributor Ken Gilbert is well known for his talents as a Top 40 jock – at WAQY “Wacky 102”, WTIC-FM and WDRC (AM) FM. But as this shows, he’s an all around personality who fits any format. From Oldies to CHR to this live Country format. Which brings up an interesting point. 1390 is one of those ‘graveyard’ frequencies where low powered community oriented AM stations traditionally went off the air at dusk or 11pm… or ran flea power after dark. In the post Telcom ’96 era, it is very rare to hear an AM station with a music format of any kind, and even more rare to hear a live or locally tracked format. Here, it’s both. Unique and professional sounding, not something you’d expect. But this IS Burlington Vermont, a market that probably needs all the help it can get. We give the station and the jock five stars, the only negative in this aircheck is that the recording has some distortion, likely caused by recording levels a bit too high. Otherwise, you’ll enjoy both Ken Gilbert AND the Classic Country format that will be a nice slice of at-work or at-home listening.

1390 WVAA Burlington VT WCAT


  1. Gary Kerns

    What can I say? I positively LOVED this, being music on AM radio as recently as 2004. As I’ve mentioned before, WHN in NYC was my all time favorite station, and if it were to miraculously come back, still was country, and I could get it, I know full well I’d listen to it at every opportunity.

  2. Gary Kerns

    What can I say?! I positively LOVED this, it being on AM radio, and fairly recent (albeit 2004 vintage). As I’ve said many times before, NYC’s WHN was my all-time favorite station. If it were to miraculously come back, be a country station, and I could get it, I’d listen every chance I got.

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