Ken Gilbert, WAQY Springfield Mass | Summer, 1981

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Ken “Squirt Baby Shoot” Gilbert
Date of Recording: Summer, 1981 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: 102.1 WAQY Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
Format: CHR
Featured Air Personality: Ken Gilbert (WDRC/WVTK/WVRT/WTIC-FM)
Contributor: Paul DiMarco (corrected)
Date of Posting: 09.19.2017
Total Time: 8:12
Airchexx Entry: 1,512

say what it is, you been messin around on me. 102 FM The Whack With Ken Gilbert in the Air Chair

Curator’s Notes:

From an unforgettable era of Wacky 102, where there are very few recordings out there, Here’s ole Squirt doing it on the radio as he did every day in middays on WAQY. The station itself was headed for a crash, but what it sounds like here, nobody really knew that an AOR format was launching in several months. This is from the innocent Summer of 1981. The station had transitioned itself in the past couple of years from an automated rocker, to an early voice tracked rocker (the voices were put on carts and inserted into a cart carousel, then those were programmed as an event in this early automation system), to live assist, and then, totally live in the last year or two. And despite studio issues, the station managed to win the hearts of young people all over the Pioneer Valley.

After Wacky 102 became Rock 102 in August, 1981, all the personalities heard on this station went on to bigger things. Ken Gilbert went to WTIC-FM (after the Hot Hits ™ format), then a long stint at WDRC AM and FM. Jim Kaye would go part time while pursuing opportunities in television, with his “Gold Rush” shows heard every weekend on WAQY after the flip.

This aircheck is a great trip down memory lane to a radio station that we all wanted to go to because it always sounded fun. Thanks to the likes of Ken Gilbert, Glen “FM” Stevens, The Big Tuna Jim Kaye and others.

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