Kim Monroe, 92.3 WXTM Cleveland | June 21, 2002

92.3 Cleveland WXTM

Date of Recording: June 21, 2002
Station: 92.3 WXTM branded “Extreme Radio”
Format: Modern Rock
Featured Jock: Kim Monroe
Frequency Call Letter History: WXTM / WRQC / WJMO-FM / WZJM / WXRK / WKRI / WKRK-FM (Current)
Aircheck Entry: #1,838


If you were into Grunge Alternative and any other kind of HARD Rock, this station was definitely for you! Formatically boring (from the perspective of an old Top 40 guy), this station had loud imaging elements placed in between every song. In one 45 minute recording (this is scoped down to about 10 minutes), we hear the jock, Kim Monroe, speak just twice. Which really boosts the arguement for going jockless… or, since this incarnation of 92.3 FM only lasted a few years, perhaps it was a side note saying put some PEOPLE on the air here! Just your webmaster’s opinion.

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