Lou Roberts, 920 WOKY Milwaukee | March 23, 1976

Sounding more like this was a demo than an actual broadcast, here’s Lou Roberts playing Milwaukee’s hits one Winter day back in 1976. I swear, you can hear a turntable rumble on this recording. This was definitely not recorded off the air. It could have been a skimmer reel pulling the audio right off the main console, or it might be something which was recorded in a production room. If it’s the latter, then much care was taken to make it sound authentic. Roberts includes a short phone bit with a caller at the end of this aircheck.

Another thing worth noting, this recording comes to us unscoped, and in excellent condition considering the age of this aircheck of an AM station. Unfortunately for you, this had to be telescoped before posting for copyright reasons.

Listen for commercials for Ford Pintos, banks and grocery stores. All very representative of what a small station would have sounded like in the mid-70s, certainly not a station in a large market like Milwaukee… this certainly is an eye-opener.