Los Angeles Mark & Kim on KOST 103.5 Los Angeles

Mark & Kim on KOST 103.5 Los Angeles

103.5 Los Angeles KOST Mark Wallengren Kim Amidon

Simply put, this is by far, the #1 ranked aircheck on this site! Recorded sometime in the 1990s, here’s Mark Wallengren & Kim Amidon and their former wildly popular “Mark & Kim” morning show on KOST 103.5.

Judging from the comments posted about this recording, its clear that this morning team was perhaps the most popular in Southern California. Shortly after we posted this aircheck, Kim Amidon was let go by parent company Clear Channel Communications. The morning show has never been the same, but the listener comments continue posting even today, as this has become THE place for current and former listeners to vent.

Courtesy of contributor Robyn Watts!

KOST 103.5 Los Angeles

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  1. The jocks talk about Madonna’s erotica book and the birth of Amy Grant’s third child, which would date this aircheck to 1992. This would mean KOST first broadcast in 1967, howwver it didn’t switch to it’s current AC format until 1981.

  2. As of this writing (April 2007), KOST just tied for first place in the recent Arbitrends. The station is one of the most consistent performers on the L.A. radio dial. It was programmed by Jhani Kaye (now with K-EARTH), referred to as the “soft hits” station. I also think it was one of the first stations to play all Christmas music during the holiday seasons, which led to huge ratings. Mike Sakellarides, Ted Zigenbusch, and Brian Simmons have also been on the station for years, with some of the talent being there from the original format switch in 1981.

  3. Kost is my favorite companion for years. It helped me keep my sanity and sensuality as a single parent who does not belive in dating “just for fun.”
    I am actually on line right now trying to win tickets to their 25th anniversary celebration at Disney Land Resort. If anyone knows something, Please holla!
    Who has been with Kost longer? Ted or Mike? I met one of them years ago at one of their Valentine party in Orange County, I am not sure, who, now, since it’s been so long ago.
    Hey, I even took picture with Mark and Kim….so I have been blessed. Amen?

  4. Hello Mark & Kim, Well its that time of the year when people put thier wish list together for the Holidays and submit them to you in hopes of getting thier loved ones dreams fullfilled. Well my sister who has been dealing with a dreadful diesease “LUPUS” for the last 18 years is now facing BREAST CANCER. LUPUS is known to attack the internal organs, lupus attacked my sister’s kidneys years ago and was on dylisis for over 8 years. Now it has shown its ugly face through Cancer. She has recently been diagnosed with cancer this week. She has all her adult life struggle financially and this is her worst struggle with finanaces. What I would like to see happen for her this year is to allow her a great holiday season. She has told her story in the past but never got a response. Please find it in your hearts this holiday season to just acknowledge her on the radio. Her name is Mary Briones. I don’t know what her prognosis is regarding the cancer. Please keep her in your prayers. Have a wonderful holiday season. I will continue to be listening to your radio station.
    Blessing and Love sent your way.

  5. I tuned in to the Mark & Kim Radio show this morning, as I have for several years to hear them as well as the Christmas music only to hear that Kim is no longer on the show!

    I think you need to revaluate her value to the Mark & Kim show. Her contribution to the show is what makes it whole and complete!

    What are you thinking? I would hope that you will consider renewing her contract as soon as possible!

    Please provide some kind of perspective concerning this most important matter. I will want to hear from you.


    B. Hendrixson

  6. Hey, Sorry that Kim’s contract isn’t going to be renewed I will have to find another station to listen to. This is a great bummer

  7. Management has shot itself ini the foot for getting rid of Kim, I only listen for Mark and Kim, If she goes I go, will look for another station. Management don’t get it, “if it aint broke don’t fix it”. Get rid of that lady on Saturday and bring back Kim.

  8. I am so sad to hear that Kim is gone, what are they thinking!!! I couldn’t fight back my tears this morning while driving in to work, after all these years of listening to Mark & Kim and now she’s gone. The person(s) who decided that this would be the right thing to do has lost their minds. Please let Kim know that everyone here on my job was shocked and in tears; they all will be praying that the Lord will be blessing her a thousand times over for her future. WE LOVE YOU KIM!!!!!

  9. Hi friends… As webmaster I check these comments out daily, and as I read these loving comments from you, our visitors, I’m reminded that if this site represents only a tiny fraction of folks who listen to KOST, then there must be untold thousands of others who feel the same way.

    I know it’s hard to hear and understand, but that’s the nature of this business called radio. Rarely is there a logical reason for a popular host being let go, other than that person leaving on his or her own for greener (or other) pastures, or just to cut costs. Unfortunately, cost cutting is the name of the game, not just in radio but in most of corporate America.

    You know, you fans SHOULD get angry. Perhaps if in situations like this, the fans by the thousands would write letters to the station, addressed to the general manager, maybe then radio mucky mucks would begin to get the message.

    I’ll try to dig up some additional airchecks of Mark & Kim to post for you. If anyone has a recording… email me, steve@airchexx.com and I’ll be happy to post it.

  10. Hey Kim Amadone fans… listen, I dug up the email address of the person to contact if you’d like to vent about her being let go. Some of you may have found it already, but they have it kinda hidden on the website. So…. here it is:


    The manager’s name, as posted on their website (in tiny print) is Greg Ashlock. I wouldn’t hand out private info, but this is public, posted on the KOST website… so fire off those comments and be heard. And, of course, you and all your friends are welcome to post your comments for the world to read right here!

  11. One more thing… as I need to clarify something. Airchexx.com, this website, is in NO WAY connected to KOST radio. Some of our visitors may be under the wrong impression, we only post airchecks of shows like the Mark & Kim show, but we are not KOST 103.5. This is posted mainly as a response to B. Hendrixson. I hope to avoid any confusion.

  12. Please let fans know that businesses like KOST respond to $$$. Many fans of the Mark and Kim Show are not going to let this get by without a fight. I encourage everyone that cares about this program to email or write to the station itself, but also to email, call or write to the companies that advertise on KOST letting them know that we will not buy their products until Kim is reinstated. I am just one of many that will work to help this wrong be made right. Thanks to all who join us!

  13. I just want to let the station know that i truly enjoyed listening to the Mark & Kim show and today was really a letdown. She truly was a great asset to the show and Mark alone just can’t keep the same atmosphere going without her. He is great, but the two-some just had a knack. I will probably start listening to another station. What a bummer….especially now just when the Christmas spirit made the show even more fun to listen to. Sorry Kim….gonna miss you.

  14. How cound they do this? Clear Channel has no clean vision or understanding of the Mark & Kim show. If budget cuts are necessary don’t take it out on the powerhouse program for now it is no longer a powerhouse and not worth listening to. I enjoy Mark and I feel badly for him for he is going to be caught in the middle. He deserves to be listened to in the morning but I’m too mad at Clear Channel to do that. I am going to boycott any product which has been advertised on any Clear Channel broadcast no matter what number appears on the radio dial.

  15. I am so mad!!! I can’t believe they would let Kim go. This is so wrong!!! They need to renew her contract or they will lose a lot of there listeners, including me. Bring her back!!!

  16. What the heck are you thinking!!! Bring Kim back or lose your fan base!!! It doesn’t take a genuis to know the Kost is not the same without her. Bring her back!!!

  17. thank you steve west for clear channel’s email. this is the comment i sent to them:

    Dear Greg Ashlock:

    With all the sudden changes in morning broadcasts in L.A. Radio Stations (Ryan Seacrest taking Rick Dees spot on 102.7, Valentine moving to 104.3, Lisa Fox losing Valentine on 98.7), I took comfort in knowing that there was a solid, interesting and dynamic morning show to listen to on 103.5. And today, I find there is no longer a “Mark and Kim” show. After hearing about the wonderful 25th anniversary celebrations, I thought the Mark and Kim show would continue to be a solid foundation on L.A.’s radio station. Now, none of the popular music stations have a good morning broadcast (except for maybe Kevin and Bean on 106.7). So, on my long commute to work every morning, I will be tuning into 106.7 since there is no KOST 103.5 without Mark and Kim.

    Katharine N.
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  18. i heard the news today that kim was let go thru a text message? not sure that is true but mark was in tears. the xmas music has really put me in the mood early this year. my husband and i have adopted a family for xmas this year and the music keeps me thinking of how i am to help this family. the music also reminds me of 30 years ago when my mother was still alive and we shared these songs. usually holidays are not so good even though my mother has been gone for 30 years, but for some reason this year is starting off good. then i heard that kim was texted off the air, it blew me away. all the radio stations are using 1 person and its not the same. we all enjoy the way mark and kim were together, just like life long friends. how can you do this to your audiance? this world now is all about the $$$. changing styles like other radio stations do not make it better, it just shows how you think of your listeners, we are just there to make you money. no more. i will still listen to mark, but f ck allllll the advertizers. music makes me happy and keeps my young memories fresh. so take that extra $ and blow it out your a .

  19. Mark without Kim, They have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

    I will miss Kim, Firt clear channel fires Charlie Tuna from KBig, now they fire Kim. I now listen to KRTH.

    God bless Kim, fired just before Christmas, so sad.

    Hope she finds a new stattion.

  20. I was shocked and extremely saddened to hear that Clear Channel let Kim go. I have enjoyed the Mark and Kim Morning Show since its inception and agree with what everyone is saying here, it just won’t be the same without Kim. The interplay between Mark and Kim is what made the show so heartfelt, entertaining and successful.

    If Clear Channel’s action was a cost cutting measure, certainly they could have saved tens of thousands of dollars if they hadn’t hosted that huge 25th anniversary party at Disneyland a couple of weeks ago. How cruel to publicly celebrate the success of the station and then remove one of the most important reasons for that success. It’s truly unbelievable.

    I wish all the best to Kim…and to Mark. What a mess!

  21. I am sad that you let Kim go! What were you thinking. She will truly be missed-as you can see from all of the comments on this web site. I wll be looking for anotehr radio station to listen to-as it’s just won’t be the same without her. Please re-consider your decision, and bring her back.


    Kim Hayes

  22. Why is anyone surprised at this move??? CC has let people go in many markets across the country. In New York, they let Al Bernstein go after 25 years. In the past two years, they got rid of JJ Kennedy, Steve Roy and Bill Buchner. It was only a matter of time before other big name/long time jocks in other markets were let go. Don’t count on CC listening to their audience to bring Kim back, it won’t happen.

  23. Just wanted to share the email I wrote ClearChannel this morning. We need to be heard! Or at least be able to vent 🙂

    To Whom It May Concern.

    I am so disappointed and angry at ClearChannel right now. Your marketing and personnel offices need to LISTEN to your audience. First, you fire Charlie Tuna then Kim Amidon. And you do this without so much as an announcement on air or warning to your listeners. This is simply RIDIDULOUS and POOR MARKETING!!!! Both Charlie and Kim have been part of our lives and family for MANY YEARS … and they did it SUCCESSFULLY!! How does it make sense that these two outstanding DJs are “no longer necessary”? That is plain INCOMPREHENSIBLE.
    I have been a listener of both stations for over 20 years and I am sadden it has to come to an end. BUT, though I still love and respect Mark Willenberg, I cannot, in good conscience listen to any station or company that show such LITTLE DISREGARD for its listeners … THE ONES WHO PAY AT YOUR FUNCTIONS that the radio stations put on.
    I am upset and hurt, but I am going to exercise my RIGHT AS A CONSUMER and boycott any and all functions, radio stations, etc that ClearChannel has anything to do with. I am certain I will not get a response from you as you have PROVEN you do not care AT ALL about what your customers think.

    Thanks for the memories!

    Elma Barajas

  24. Unfortunately, Matt Steinberg speaks the truth; in another area of entertainment this holiday season, my sister, who has been the head pianist for 28 years at Radio City Music Hall (in NYC), along with fellow musicians, were released from their contracts with about as much notice as Kim had from KOST. In my sister’s case, they used to have 2 magnificant grand pianos at Radio City, they’ve now completely eliminated the pianos from the orchestra.
    My heart goes out to Kim, I wish her the best, and I want her to know she’ll be missed.

  25. I also want to let Clear Channel know that they’ve made the wrong decision. I have been listening to Mark and Kim for years, and I am saddened by her departure.

    Clear Channel, as the right-wing channel they are, treat its employees like they are disposable. I guess loyalty is a one way street with these guys. They promote so much “family” values and treat people like crap. But, what can you expect?

    I wish Kim the very best, and I am sure she will go somewhere better, where she is treated with dignity and respect.

  26. mark and kim has been part of my morning commute for 3 years. i celebrated when they had their hollywood walk of fame. it was a validation of their success and confirmation that they have won many hearts among us the listeners. when i learned that kim was sacked, i was still in denial so i changed channels. later on in the day i got angry, talked to my office mates, but i was so moved like i was sick or something part of me is missing so i researched and looked for blogs to somehow remedy my feelings because it is so disturbing. things are not the same, not on christmas, it should not end this way…

  27. I was shocked and saddened to hear about Kim being let go from KOST. This is a station I grew up with, the team of Mark and Kim is something I relied on hearing just about everyday. Their candor was refreshing and free from the trash-talking you hear on every other station. This is a big loss for the radio-listening community.

  28. Greg Ashlock,

    Please know your listeners do not want KOST to “go in a new direction”. Look at the ratings -we’re happy. That is why KOST has such a long, loyal following. If it ain’t broke, leave it alone!

    You are not listening to your audience! Hello???

    Congrats on wrecking a fine Southern California institution!

  29. I can not for the life of me understand how Clearchannel can let Kim go! Weeks before Christmas? No notice? I will no longer listen to your station until you put her back on the air. Why did you let her go and not Mark? Why not let both of them go? Kim go file a sex discrimination case or a age discrimination case.
    the mark and kim show was on my radio every morning for years. I have switched. I like Mark, but feel this was very unfair. Give us a reason!

  30. I have already taken station 103.5 OFF of my radio preset channels!! I have been a loyal listener ever since Mark & Kim started their program almost 22 years ago….I have NEVER had any other channel I listened to in the mornings. These two “PARTNERS” MADE KOST 103.5 one of, if not the most highly rated radio stations in the morning! I cannot believe Clear Channel would DUMP 50% of a this highly rated morning radio program. You have made an awful mistake.
    Kim Amidon simply CANNOT be replaced, ever!!
    I suggest you find some way of getting her back before your morning, noon & night programs lose many of their followers. I am telling every soul I know to BOYCOTT KOST 103.5 entirely!!
    And get this, I am very old and know many people….
    I personally think Mark should have left also. Believe me, there is a station who would pick them up in a heartbeat…think about it Mark if you are tuning in….

  31. Kim’s firing is the result of letting more and more stations be owned by fewer and fewer companies. They are no longer responsive to the local audience. Infinity Broadcasting changed formats and kicked KZLA out with NO notification. Where is Infinity Broadcasting located? CHICAGO! First, Clear Channel fires Charlie Tuna and now fires Kim Amidon. Where is Clear Channel located? SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS!

    Don’t send letters to the station. Listen to who the advertisers are, then call them and tell them that you are not going to buy their product or use their service, or buy a car from them, because of what KOST did. THAT will get their attention.

  32. we are fans of the mark and kim show,and the news of kim leaving is making us to sad. We will no longer ever listen to kost again. After 22 years of her working, how can you just put her out like an old shoe. You will see, life just shouldn’t always be about money. It should be about heart,and people feeling happy. Now we are sad and mad.
    signed vincent and Sharon Douglas

  33. The only way that your listeners can make their voices heard, regarding your terrible action of “dumping” Kim from the Mark and Kim show, is to not purchase any of your advertisers’ products. Mark is not going to be able to handle the show alone or with any special guest. Kim is a very strong part of the team, who has always been an intrical part of its success. If money talks, many of us will be speaking loudly in not buying the advertized products until Kim is returned to KOST 103. We will also switch to another station until she returns. I feel very sorry for Mark. I am sure this has been very upsetting to him.

  34. I am not a big fan of pop stations especially with the talking part, but I really liked the Mark & Kim show. These are down to earth people and were always pleasant to their guests, callers, and each other. No egos to deal with etc. Kim, my best wishes and blessing to you especially at this time. Except for the holiday music time, I too may boycott listening! Sorry, Mark, you are indeed caught in the middle.

  35. I will be sending my thoughts to KOST, which are in accordance with all of yours. WHAT else is being done to boycott this station until they see that Kim needs to come back. Let me know.
    Thanks for all of your comments.


  37. I was shocked to hear Kim was cut. I really enjoyed listening to Mark and Kim for the past 7 years at work and before that I listened at home and on the way to work. They made me laugh and cry, they are so sincere. In these days it is important to hear upbeat people on the radio instead of negitive talk shows. I hope Kim finds a wonderful job. Mark I love you, but I really will miss Kim. I have found another station I can listen to if I have to but, I will try to be faithful to Mark and the rest of the crew until after the 1st of the year. I hope they will re-consider their decision.

    Mary Anne

  38. Well, Kim was fired. Unfortunate, especially during the Holidays. There is not much I can do, although I wish there was…… OH! wait…. there is… I just removed the 103.5 button from my radios memory…. after all two can play your game (I just fired you!!!!)…. and remember your NOT the only radio station in the area….

  39. When I first heard Mark saying that Kim was let go … I thought this is one of his jokes again. Remember April 1st joke? Don’t remember what year.When they were sayng that they will be living.It was terrible, people were calling and crying, I was one of them too.
    I have been listening for this show for about 10 years.Loved it with all my heard.When one of them was on vacation I couldn’t wait for him/her to get back.The show does not have “salt and pepper” when one is missing. I am trying to be faithful to Mark and continue to listening,
    I just want to be on his side thru this pain.I can feel the pain in his voice.

    Who ever made that decision, was TERRIBLE, and I hope they will reconsider.

  40. I am so disappointed that kost does not understand the value of the Mark and Kim show. Kim’s voice and humor is so uplifting in the morning. I feel so sad that she’s gone. What in the world are the executives thinking. You just don’t mess with something wonderful! Kim is wonderful. Kost needs to get down on their knees and beg her to return. Her fans demand it. We love you Mark. Hang in there! We feel your pain as our own.

  41. I am so mad and schocked at what Clear Channel did to Kim! I to have listened to them from day one! I am sorry for Mar, he is in the middle trying to put on a good face. I just wish he could leave and the two of them get together on another channel. I am going to write Clear Channel, but like someone said, they don’t care. I would love to be a major part of something we could do, maybe tv news worthy that could let them know what they did was so wrong! I wish Kim the very best. Does anyone know a way to get an address (snail mail) or email that we could write to her and tell her how much she means to us?? If anyone wants to contact me about this write to charwire@msn.com

  42. I am very upset about Kim leaving so I sent an email to Clear Channel. This is the response so I suggest you send them to both Clear Channel and to KOST so everyone is aware how many fans are upset.

    Message from Clear Channel:
    Thank you for your comments. They are appreciated. Since programming decisions are made locally by local market management, we encourage you to contact stations in your market directly. You can find contact info on the corporate web site at //www.clearchannel.com. Please use the station search feature on the radio tab.

    Thanks again for taking time to send us your comments.

    Sanda E Coyle
    Senior Vice President Marketing
    Clear Channel Radio
    (210) 832-3345 Office
    (210) 842-9979 Mobile
    (210) 822-2299 FAX

  43. Shame on You KOST you celebrate 25 years and yet you fire one of the people that made this sucsess possible. Shame on You.

  44. Hey Guys, I figuired a way we can show these people we really mean business and as listners we should have a say on who stays and who leaves. Please stop calling the station for their stupid prizes. Stop collecting their points. (it’s one of the ways they measure their ratings) that should show them.

  45. I was stunned to hear that Kim had been let go.
    I have already removed 103.5 from my radio button.
    I have found another morning show to listen to until they bring her back.
    What a waste of talent that the two of them together have accomplished, even a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. What were they thinking?
    Just like letting Jamie White go on Star 98.7.
    I remember she would have Mark on her show from time to time.
    signed, totally disappointed.

  46. KOST 103.5 is in the mercy of the listeners, in which obviously ,who ever was responsible for letting Kim go has not taken this reality into account for. If this is the demeanor of the decision makers of this station, then KIM IS PROBABLY BETTER OFF not associated with these people. I am disgusted having heard the announcement that she is no longer with the station, which would have been slightly diminished HAD THERE BEEN ANY EXPLANATION as to why she was released.

    MARK AND KIM is not going to be complete without the other. I think the listeners deserves an explanation as to what had gone wrong for having delivered this BAD DECISION to let Kim go.

    I AM PREDICTING THE RAPID DECLINE OF KOST 103.5’s popularity, because they just plucked Kim not taking into consideration how Mark and Kim’s listeners will feel and think.

    If you don’t care,why would I? Bye Bye KOST 103.5…..I am going to switch to a different station.

  47. To: Greg Ashlock & All Others Responsible for the “Big Screwup” alias the “Firing of Kim.”
    I just found out about Kim – at first I thought she was just out sick, but decided to check the web site when Mark didn’t mention her name. What a sad state of affairs, that at this time of year, when everyone is suppose to be “happy and full of good will” you would do such a shallow thing. Everyone knows that money is what makes the world go round – and after reading everyones responses to your decision – you have just lost a lot of money. No listeners – no advertising dollars – no station. TO BRING BACK THE DOLLARS – JUST BRING BACK KIM!

  48. I hope Mark escapes and teams up with Kim elsewhere on the FM dial. My wife and I will be there as fast as you can say “reset the radio button”!

  49. $$$$ talks..bullsh** walks! Baa hum bug!!!!

    Clear Channel has sent that message…I now have two preset buttons empty (KBIG/KOST)and as soon as I delete ALL the clear channel stations, I will just buy an Ipod, no need for radio…

    Good luck Charlie & Kim…and of course Mark!

  50. I am so unhappy and angry you let Kim go. It goes to show you that this is a business with no feelings, just a channel. She was half of Kost with Mark. They made the most incredible team. I don’t listen to Kost as much now, only to hear Mark because he is just fantastic, do not let him go as well or you will lose me forever. It was good to hear them both comment on what was happening on air and their lives. It’s just not the same.

  51. forget about Christmas, the season of good will, forget about loyalty to an employee that has helped to make your station what it now is, forget about the thousands of listners who looked forward everyday to hearing Mark & Kim.
    Now, who is the person with a below average IQ who decided to destroy a succsessful program and make it like any other program on any radio station.. congratulations..single handedly you managed to loose a lot of listners. Your day will come. Not too far I hope.

  52. I am a loyal listener of Mark and Kim, but I choose not to listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. I got in my car after Thanksgiving and heard Mark mention, “This was one of Kim’s favorite Christmas songs.” Then later he said something like, “Continuing on with a sad face.” My God! I thought she had died!

    Clear Channel, you’ve got to be out of your blooming minds to break up this duo. They played off of one another so eloquently and stood in for each other so beautifully. They were REAL people that your audience could identify with. They had kids, and pets, and lived their lives as we live ours.

    Believe me, you will regret your change in programming. It’s not going to work, not when you did to Kim what you did. We all work for a living, most for others, some self-employed. But we all hope that we will be valued for our service. Look at what message you have sent!
    Just know that someday you will be the recipient of that message. Change your tactics now!

    I am thankful after reading all of these replies that at least Kim is still alive. God, I thought she had been killed or something! Kim, if you read this, be strong. We are all there hoping and praying that your future will continue to be strong and bright.

    Your fans,

    Marilyn and Larry Griffin

  53. Money, the root of all evil. Well, just another example of how corporate America works, no heart, no humanity, completely self-serving, shallow and cold as stone. The Mark & Kim Show has been part of the fabric of so many lives throughout the Los Angeles & Orange County areas. I have been a fond and loyal listener since it’s beginning and my teenage daughter grew up with this magnificent duo. Real people, with real hearts, you have touched more lives than you will ever know.

    Unfortunatley, the shallow, heartless corporate world has murdered something that meant so much to so many. It can never be the same, not with a key player missing. Clear Channel Execs…this was a terrible thing to do to such a successful show, a show that reached so many. Radio in So-Cal is no longer appealing, the “Human Touch” is a thing of the past…a sad day for all of us.

    BEST of EVERYTHING to both Kim & Mark! So many of us owe you; you two were ALWAYS AWESOME and ENJOYABLE to listen to through the years and you were part of our families. Your show is terribly missed from the airwaves.

  54. I have been a faithful listener to the Mark & Kim show for years, now that Kim is gone the show is just not the same. It will be hard for Mark to get the same excitment that when they were a team. Hard to continue to listen to the station, so I have been forced to listen to other channels. Sorry for the loss of Kim, hopefully you will all come to your senses and bring her back. Remember it’s the MARK AND KIM SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!


  56. Goodbye kost. A radio station now known as one who does not care about ther listeners and employee’s contributions to them. As soon as she has done her job to help you get up where you are, you take her out. Mean, cruel, heartless,,..We love you Kim. You rock. As for the person who did this to you, I hope he regrets his decision every day of his life from now on.

    PS: I dont listen to your station anymore. Even if you have all the celebrities there everyday, I don’t care. You’re methods suck, I have no respect for you. I’m out!

  57. Yes, we are ALL REALLY UPSET with this unwise decision.


    Rodrigo will be in the Chatsworth parade this Sunday Dec 9th, so you can diffently show up and make boohoos as his car passes by to represent
    our feelings to Clear Channel (about as clear as mud).

    See you there!!

  58. What is wrong with the these people at clear channel who are suppose to know what is going on? It seems to me they don’t know what the listening public wants to hear on the radio. First they let Jamie White go on 98.7 which I don’t listen to anymore and now I hear from Frank Kramer on my new station 97.1 that they let KIM from Mark & KIM go and now I read that these same idiots also let the one & only Charlie Tuna go we might as well listen to nothing else on the because as far I’m concern there is noone else out there to make me smile and laugh while I’m at work!!!!!

  59. Here’s what I wrote to the email address Steve the webmaster suggested…

    Attn: Greg Ashlock

    MILLIONS of Baby Boomers like me are still listening to radio and still spending money on products advertised on radio. There are over a million of us in the greater Los Angeles area. We know about MP3’s, satellite radio and many of us own iPods. But we grew up listening to radio and we’re the ones who are keeping stations like KOST alive – NOT our children or their children. If all the stations want to market to younger listeners, they’re going straight out of business. We Boomers are the ones who have listened to Mark and Kim on KOST day in and day out since they started on the air. They’re part of our generation (as opposed to Charlie Tuna & company, whom we love, but who are more like our parents). Mark’s a great personality; but Mark without Kim is like peanut butter without jelly – not as good. The big slap in the face for listeners is knowing that you had to let just one of them go. I’ve now switched to listening to Gary Bryant on KRTH. Most of my friends are doing the same, even though you, KOST, are playing our favorite holiday music that we look forward to hearing every year. And I’m even bringing my iPod with me in the car, which may do for me what it has done for my son – cause me never to listen to radio again unless it’s satellite. All because you let Kim go right before the holidays, supposedly via text messaging. Really REALLY bad move from a marketing perspective, let alone a human relations point of view. Perhaps if you bring her back before Christmas, you might save your listener base.

    Shannon Ingram

  60. And now, Mike Sakellarides is gone from KOST also! Mark is on alone from 5 or 6 in the morning till noon, they Bryan Simmons comes on for a 6 hour shift also!

    KOST is trying to commit radio suicide!

  61. I agree with everyone on this list. Please log into KOST and click on their sponsors and then email each sponser. This is the message I am going to send to each sponser until Kim comes back:
    I am writing to you requesting that you contact KOST 103.5 in Los Angeles about bringing Kim back to Mark and Kim. I will no longer purchase from any of KOST’s sponsors until Kim is back on the air. Please support this movement.

    It is so true – Mark and Kim were like our family and we could relate to them and be able to start our day with a laugh. We need to keep trying and not give up after just a couple of weeks. Maybe we can make a difference.

  62. I agree with every comment written. “WHY FIX SOMETHING IF IT ISN’T BROKEN” Mark & Kim were a delight to listen to in the morning and it just isn’t the same AT ALL without their banter. I miss her terribly and am thinking of finding another station that can make me start my day off feeling bright and cheery. You need to bring Kim back before your station suffers badly. God Bless you Kim, I miss you. You have been a part of my life for many, many years.

  63. I like Kim very much: she’s smart, funny, and kindhearted. She’s a perfect cohost for Mark, who I also like. But it is almost dull without her. Whatever reason the management has to let go of her, for heaven’s sake – she’s a single mother, a hard-worker, and is a huge boost to KOST! I’m switching radio stations. So do my family and friends.

  64. Mark and Kim are corny and I think they forgot to let Mark go with Kim. When you listen to other channels and DJ’s in the am, you clearly see the humor,originality and interest in the other stations far superior than 103.5 in the am. I won’t miss Kim and would not miss Mark. I tune in here and there in between other stations when I am reminded how boring and corny they are. Funny, NOT. Interesting, NOT, Amusing, NOT, Entertaining, NOT,

  65. Mark and Kim are a team and as far as I’m concerned one will not survive on the radio without the other. Mark has not been the same these past two weeks and I don’t care to listen to Rodrigo and Claudia (the intern) in Kim’s place. I think Mark ought to quit and join Kim on another station. Isn’t there someone out there who would sponser the two of them? I will listen to them wherever they go, but I can’t listen to one without the other.

    It’s like Mutt without Jeff, Batman without Robin, Abbott without Costello, Burns without Allen, Lewis without Clark, Mickey without Minnie, or Sonny without Cher…it’s just not the same and never will be!

  66. I have been listening for a while now. The reason and the only reason with so many choices out there is Mark and Kim. Alone they are just a couple of guys spinning some tunes. Together they have that something that makes me wait till I go to work to hear something new. Some thing that holds off the boredom of life. You can do what you want but I’m moving on. I listen cause they got “it”. I have and still want that something that makes my day. Bad choice, it’s all yours hope you loose big. Too many choices to stay here you just lost “IT”. Me yoo!

  67. I’m not sure what you’re thinking…. The Mark & Kim show is just not the same without Kim. My husband and I decided that if you are going to get rid of Kim without considering your audience, we are going to find a new morning radio station! If this is purely a money-conserving move, I suggest you look for more ways to conserve, because you have undoubtedly lost a huge portion of your audience.

  68. It is hard to believe that after so many years of service that they let Kim go. I have decided to move to another radio station. Kim and Mark was the one thing that brightened my day while in traffic on my way to work. ClearChannel has definitely made a bad decision. Hopefully they will see first hand the negative impact of their decision.

  69. Unfortunately for us listeners, our morning routine has been disrupted and basically, you may as well cut out the talking part of the show and just play music. Mark is great, but sometimes chemistry is what works and that is what Mark and Kim HAD… Hopefully, Kim will find a new station or even TV and she can talk those producers into bringing Mark in and we can all enjoy the morning gab. Regis is getting on in years, we might just see Mark and Kim on TV.
    I’m sure it’s too late for a foolish decision to be rectified and Kim will move on to new an exciting things, but we really do miss listening for as you know, our IPODS can provide us with the music we love, but who entertains us with their back and forth talk? Certainly not KOST 103.5 anymore… Best of luck to you Mark and Kim!

  70. BOYCOTT KOST and BOYCOTT CLEARCHANNEL……Let Clearchannel know the consumer has spoken….Let’s make it known that you do not tamper with a California institution…..BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT….

  71. Clear Channel, you Scrooooooooooooooge!!! I don’t know who was making the decision, but to let Kim go before Xmas was tasteless. I’ve been listening to the Mark and Kim show since 1987 and no one has been better in bringing out the smiles and joy everyday. They are a fixture in the LA community.

    I heard Mark the day after Kim was fired. He tried to sound like nothing has happened when deep inside, we know he must be in pain doing a SOLO show. We feel for you Mark.

    Like what other listeners are saying, Mark and Kim should go on, but NOT with Clear Channel.

  72. I have just been in the dumps since finding out Kim was “axed” without notice and at this time of the year. The Christmas music on KOST is now clouded w/distrust. I’ve changed stations. Mark has always tried to overpower Kim and he can actually be pretty offensive to his listeners at times so without Kim I’ve moved on. I hope she finds even more success and happiness in her next endeavor.

  73. I just thought Kim was on vacation or something, until I noticed that her profile/blog wasn’t on the KOST website anymore. I can’t believe they let her go! That goes for Mike Sakellarides too. I’m seriously considering bombarding the KOST Christmas wish phone line with simply saying something along the lines of “BRING KIM BACK!!!!” We can always complain on that line, since people call in crying for money anyway. There’s an idea for all of us.

  74. Where is Kim? I thought she was on vacation since the beginning of December. The Mark and Kim show is so boring now without Kim. I have been a listener for the last 15 years. I guess it’s always $$$ in any kind of business. But aren’t you concern, that the ratings will get lower. Ay, mama mia. Bring Kim back. Southern California radio listening is not the same without Kim from 5:00 – 10:00 am.






  76. I can’t believe Kim was let go. The morning show will not be the same, Mark and Kim is like Tom and Jerry, you need both to make it work. BRING KIM BACK, I am very disappointed at this station.

    I will be looking for another station to listen to in the morning on the way to work and in the afternoon on the way home. I hope you reconsider and bring her back, I am sure I am not the only one looking for another station.

  77. I provide this forum as a place where you can vent and express yourselves. Sometimes, it can get ugly.

    Gnag, I think it’s important to remember as you comment, that Mark is still doing mornings. Lets be fair about this, Mark is just as upset as you are. Give him a chance, it’s not his fault, and remember that when you say the morning show is boring now, it’s not very complimentary to Mark and his contributions.

    It would be pretty naiive to think that your comments aren’t read by the folks at KOST… this website and specifically, Kim Amadon on this website ranks #4 in Google searches. Please keep that in mind as you continue to comment on Kim Amidon


  78. Steve,

    While I understand your viewpoint with regard to Mark, the point is that it is nothing personal about Mark, it is about the concept of TEAM. The comments about Mark are not directed at Mark personally, they are about letting KOST know that their listeners want a TEAM, specifically the Mark AND KIM team.

    I have listed to them since almost the beginning, and when either one of them is gone, it is not as interesting and not as entertaining. Mark and Kim worked great as a TEAM, where the sum of their parts is greater than the individual pieces.

    Now without having someone to banter with, Mark just sounds like any other DJ.

    A LOT of the entertainment value was based on the point-counterpoint of the two of them.


  79. Bring Kim back, I was on my way to Sacramento from Orange County and was driving thru the rain and had KOST on as I always did. I could not believe my ears and was in total shock at what I heard that morning. I’m a KOST listener from day 1 of their show. I loved the 2 of them together, I’m now back home from up north and KOST has been removed from my radio channel in the car, I’m now a KRTH listener. Clear Channel, you’ve ruined the best part of listening to radio in LA. I can’t believe you did this to us. KIM, go get’m and take Mark with you. You guys deserve more respect than what you got with KOST. A big, 0!!!

    I’ll listen for you on another channel and keep my fingers crossed that you and Mark are reunited on a station that has more respect for the 2 greatest people in LA. Thanks for the memories and I’ll be listening for more in the future.

  80. I agree with Woody, it’s all about team work. I will also be listening to another station from now on. Imus was reinstated after his awful bigoted remark about the Rutgers girls basketball team, but Kim was let go after 22 years. Shame on KOST. Kim and Mark were a terrific team, I will not be listening to KOST any more, I’ve been a KOST listener for many many years. It won’t be the same w/o Kim.

  81. I guess I’m slow. I thought Kim was on vacation and then this morning when I tuned in, Mark was on vacation until Jan. 3. Then my husband told me Kim was fired. This was the first website I found about it. Clear Channel has made a big mistake. I have listened to Mark and Kim for many years. Now I will take it off my car preset. I will find another radio station and I will go out and get lots of Christmas CDs to listen to in the car and the kitchen. I still remember the time my daughter and I discovered Christmas music all day long, singing along in the car, listening to Mark and Kim in the AM getting ready for school and work. Kim will find something better, and I hope while Mark is on vacation, they will check out job offers for them as a team on another radio station. I know many people will follow them. I’m sad Mark is caught up in the middle of this. I will keep reading and investigating who else (sponsors) to boycott. Sbame on Clear Station. Redeem yourselves and bring Kim back!

  82. I am saddened to hear that Kim really was fired by Clear Channel after 22+ years. Where is the compassion of this employer. This is longer than some people are married. I have been with my employer coming up on 25 years and would not ever imagine that I would be fired after so many years of loyalty. We will be removing KOST 103.5 from car radios as well as everyone else. I will first find out who sponsors KOST to make sure I can boycott their products as well. I know the saying “Nothing happens in God’s world by mistake”, however, this is really like Hell in the hallway for Kim. I hope that Mark and Kim can move on to another radio station in the Los Angeles listening area.

  83. I will be switching radio stations until you bring back Kim.
    I have been listing to your show for years because of Mark and Kim and now I have already switch.
    please bring her back

  84. This is another loyal listener for years. I was shocked to hear that Kim’s contract was not renewed. There may be more to it than we, the listeners, know, but on the surface it sounds like a money issue. Hopefully that’s all it is. I am also surprised by the “don’t mention Kim’s name in the broadcast” mentality. It was talked about the first day and then anytime a listener brings up her name, there is no reaction. Even William Shatner the other day said he wanted Kim back! One would think that Mark, her longtime partner and supposed friend would say something now and again but I’m sure he has been told not to. People say alot of things about Howard Stern, but he would have stood up for his parnter and friend and wouldn’t have let anytime tell him to do otherwise. Kim was the cement on that show. To be honest, Mark’s personality is a bit overboard, the jokes aren’t funny, but the two of them together, bouncing off one another, was a good show. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it. I had heard the ratings were great! I have changed morning shows, which includes all the radios at the company I own, and will no longer support any of the sponsors of your show. I have switched the channel a few mornings this month hoping to hear that Kim has returned, but to no avail. Hopefully she is doing fine, despite her “reward” for 25 years of service. To bad her contract anniversary was at this time of year. Hopefully, great things will be in store for her and we all hope to hear her back on the radio next year!

  85. I have to say that I think you guys really made a mistake this time. I hope that all of the listeners who took the time to write (and all those that didn’t), really do switch their radios to another station so the powers to be get the message. When you take a staple like the Mark & Kim show and dismantle it, you are saying to the listeners, the people that matter, we don’t care what you want. Too bad so sad. Good luck to Kim..

  86. I am also very sad, as I have to be at work by 0600 it was great listening to Mark & Kim on the way in, they play off each other and sound like the best of friends, my drive to work will not be the same and I wont have any good news items or celebrity trash to talk about with my co-workers who also listen to Mark & Kim. My loyality will go to the new station Kim will go to and hopefully Mark will go too.
    Clear Channel wake up and smell the coffee, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??????

  87. It’s so refreshing to see I am not alone in being really PISSED OFF at the higher-ups at KOST. What a totally stupid, stupid, stupid move for them to make. I love the comment from the gentelman who says it’s us baby-boomers who keep radio stations like KOST going. You’ve lost me and my husband. Kim and Mark were like our personal friends. I love Mark — but alone, as has been stated, just not the same. Good luck to all of the morning show remainders. I assume Clear Channel has a vested interest in getting all us listeners to switch to another station!! Good luck with that, you stupid people. Next time, have some heart and get some brains and guts. Maybe the wizard for you….


  89. I, also, have changed stations. I am now listening to KEARTH 101. It’s not the same.

    It would be interesting to know how secure the higher-ups are in their jobs…pay backs are a bitch!

    I agree with many of the comments made, Mark is OK as a single but it was the TEAM concept that made the MARK AND KIM show wonderful. I started listening to MARK AND KIM after the break-up of Lohman and Barkley. They were never the same apart.

    Also wondered why it was Kim that was let go and not Mark? How was that determined? If clearchannel wanted to save money why not let both of them go – those “big” salaries would have saved a lot of money for the station.

    If clearchannel thinks Rodrigo and Klaudia with a K are going to be able to fill in for KIM they are way off base. It’s better it those two keep quiet! Boring! And hey, no one has mention Mike Noland! What about him?

    This is not the time of the year when retailers want their sales to be down. So the idea of boycotts of the products advertised on KOST is a great idea and let the bloody advertisers know the reason why…this is Southern California and money is the language spoken here! Many of the employees of the school where I work also have changed radio stations because we are also baby-boomers and we have that thing called MONEY to spend!

    As a baby-boomer, I grew up on radio and listened to Sky King, Fibber MaGee and Mollie, Gun Smoke, Legs Diamond Theatre, Amos and Andy, The Shadow Knows and on and on. I love radio – so now I have a new and less interesting morning show to listen to. It’s a lot more rowdy as well. It doesn’t start my day off as I would like.

    Kim, where ever you are, we Inland Empire People love you and want you back now!

    Karen In Corona

  90. No Kim, no Charlie, no Mike Sakellarides…just think about how much money Clear Channel is saving. Makes sense to me. But then again, I haven’t listened to the radio in years. Thanks to corporate idiots like Clear Channel, it’s all “iPod All The TIme” on my radio!

  91. I think the managers should fire themselves for such a dumb thing they did…Fire Mark and Kim? fire yourselves…I will find a new station to listen to…

  92. Was out of town for a couple of weeks, came back and was so saddened hearing Kim was gone, thought she was on vacation! What chemistry Mark and Kim had together, felt like you knew them as they shared their personal life stories on the air-children, pets, etc. Goodbye KOST-you lost me—

  93. Thank god for Ipods. Clear channel you have just cleared the way for many people to tune you out! Your station 103.5 is off my radio until you come to your senses.

  94. My carpool and I used to listenen to both KOST and KBIG on our one hour plus morning commute. When KBIG dumped Charle Tuna we quit listening to that station. When KOST dumped Kim, we quit listening to them. We now listen to to Rick Dees on 93.9. Not bad but it seems like they play the same 70’s and 80’s hits over and over again. Clear Channel sure have made several big mistakes dumping them along with Mike Nolan and Mike S.

  95. Is anyone else experiencing problems trying to dial into the station from the 714 area? I’m getting a message stating that I have dialed a number which cannot be reached from my calling area. Maybe they just don’t want Orange County listeners any more. OK, so be it.

    Be sure and notify sponsors that you aren’t listening any more. That will give them direct feedback.

  96. This is what I sent to kostprogramming@clearchannel.com

    Thanks for asking me to switch to K-Earth:
    Because you did such a dumb thing all in the name of money by letting Kim Amadon go, I will be switching with the thousands of others. I now no longer listen to KOST.
    Bring her back and you will have listeners again.
    Too bad!
    Sincerely, Amy M
    San Gabriel Valley

  97. Now that Christmas is over, you guys out there who were listening to this station just for the Christmas songs, should switch to any other. I have. I switched to KEARTH 101.

  98. I too was gone for awhile. I tuned in on the 26th expecting to hear my favorite team, Mark and Kim. I kept hearing that Mark was on vacation until the 3rd, but heard no mention of Kim. That’s when I began searching to find out why.
    I was shocked when I came across this site and found out Kim was no longer with the station.
    I have gotten ready for work with Mark and Kim for more years than I can remember. They were always what got my day started. I agree it was the chemistry between Mark and Kim that made the show so good, and thought I am sad for Mark I too am going to find another station. I don’t think the station realizes just how many listners were brought into their station because of the great morning show they had. I sincerely hope they have second thoughts and will reverse their decision.

  99. Boycott KOST…Kim Amidon is so talented and bright that I CANNOT bear to even hear Mark’s voice without her there. Shame on you KOST you should be whipped. Now that Kim is gone, the Mark show is pitiful. He has to try and talk to Rodrigo for some interaction and bantering. Very crummy show now. I will not listen to KOST any more. Very sad day for us Kim fans.

  100. I am so pleased to read all these e-mails. I was so upset to hear that Kim was let go. I’m 30 years old and had been listening to Mark & Kim in the morning since I was a kid. It was one of the constants in my life that I could always count on. I had stop listening to the KOST before Kim was let go because I really hate christmas music. I celebrate christmas and everything, but how many different versions of “Silent Night” can you listen to before screaming. This year the brilliant minds at KOST decided to start playing x-mas music at the beginning of November! Anyway, I had planned on listening to KOST right after the holidays, but now that this happened with Kim, forget it! I have taken 103.5 off my car radio dial permanently! I hope everyone else does the same thing!

  101. We have listened to the Mark and Kim show every morning for the past 11 years (when we moved here), why is Kim gone??? We have switched stations, we still love Mark, but we want both! Cindy Cooper

  102. Hey KOST, I have listened to your station for over 20 years… But, now I am moving on… You won’t be around much longer due to the changes you are making…. What a BIG mistake, Mark and Kim was the best thing that ever happen to your station… You can bet I am going to be looking for the lucky station that Kim ends up on… Good Bye….. Love ya Kim, no offence Mark…

  103. I wonder why both mark and kim were not fired? They are a team. Mark without Kim is not very good. Rodrigo and klaudia can not handle the daily show. Iturned it on to see what wold happen while Mark was on vacation….I was hoping that Kim would be back….Instead they have what s his name…with a voice that is sing song and puts you to sleep. Every thing he says, he then says ” right Rodrigoz? and rodrigo says yes…yawn. The show is very boring while the dj says over and over that Mark WILL BE BACK ON Jan whatever…I feel a disloyalty from Mark…I know he has four kids and two in private school but..loyalty. What would have happened if he quit when Kim was fired? I predict they both would have been working already on a new station but TOGETHER….I’m gone…what a waste. What a shame.

  104. This decision only comes from Clear Channel’s top executives and if you ever check their stock options it makes you sick. Check it out. CCU is the stock ticker.

    I feel like we women have stepped back to the 70’s. I feel sorry for the channel as too many listners are gone and will leave soon. I find it hard to believe that Mark has any real plans with staying with this company.

    Kim’s statement below from ocregister tell you like it is.

    “I’m upset that they really did fire me so they could hire another woman at one-fifth of my salary. Mark, especially, was so proud of the fact that we were the first equally billed, equally paid male/female morning show in the country. We were not the ‘man star’ and ‘girl sidekick’ ever. We were the longest paired morning show in the country as well.

    “And yet when push comes to shove, it’s ‘we can hire another woman cheaper’ and that is sad to me. KOST 103 is 60 percent listened to by women, and these women need to know that when they hear another woman on the air with Mark, she is hired at a cheaper rate. By listening now you are supporting the downsizing of women forever more with this group of managers, (and it is) a step back in radio some 20 years.

    Let’s hope Clear Channel know what a HUGE mistake they have made and make their listners happy.

  105. so sad to hear kim is gone why didn”t know she brought me joy listing you guys every morning she will be missed.

  106. To: Kim
    I hope you had a nice Christmas with your family. I hope you have a great year in 2008. As on of your many listners and fans, I just want to let you know how we all miss you and miss your laugh, your jabs with Mark and Rodrigo, and with all respect to Mark, it just isn’t the same without you. So, here is wishing that the people at the station have enough brains to realize they’re going to loose more by letting you go than they wish to gain, wake up ant bring you back.

  107. I wonder if Mark reads our comments? The station is on now as I type this. yes, the music is good but Sackenbush is not. he sounds so appologetic, knowing he is the low man on the totem pole..nobody else wanted to cover for Mark. I sure would like to hear from mark and what he really thinks and feels…. I met both Mark and Rodrigo at one of their breakfasts at the station. Kim was not theire that day and I remember that I really missd her and the show was very different. Anyway…I want to hear from Mark. Perhaps that would help all the confusion and disappointment felt by all the listeners and my fellow teacher friends.

  108. I am so disappointed! I found it curious that both Mark and Kim were on vacation at the same time. As I continued to listen I came to suspect that something was wrong. This morning my worst fear was confirmed when Mark slipped up and referred to Mark and Kim’s “story behind the song”. Now there is a terrible void as there always was when one of them was on vacation. Mark is trying his best, I’m sure, but the whole draw for me was the upbeat way Mark and Kim related to each other and their audience, as a team. They were fun together! They made us laugh with their goofy antics. Now for me the station is just another number on the dial. I guess it’s time for me to shop around for a new morning show. Good luck to you both Mark and Kim. I hope you resurface together elsewhere where they truly appreciate your value.

  109. I am very saddened to see Kim let go. I like Mark, but the morning show is just not the same without Kim!
    I keep surfing the web to see if she has a morning show elsewhere. Kim I miss your humor, your laugh and keeping me entertained during my long commute to work. The show is definitely not the same without you. Sorry Mark, but I also switched to other stations as many others have.


  111. Are the higher ups crazy? I loved KOST and now, along with other individuals, it’s all about my ipod. I have asked all my friends to delete KOST from their radios. Bring Kim back!!

  112. With all the comments about the loss of Kim being let go, when will you be getting the pink slip KOST manager. Hope you never find a job.

  113. I miss Kim, I hope she had a nice Christmas. Mark does sound lonely……They need to bring her back. I listen still only out of habit. I will change my work radio though, but it is the only station that my daughter doesn’t mind listening to with me. I’ll probably go to JackFM. or krth. Kim where are you? I’ll keep looking for you too! I also hope that they gave you a very good severance pay.

  114. I emailed greg whoever(his name & email address is listed above)-and told him that I went to the Anaheim Mercedes dealership they promote and told them how unhappy I was without Kim and that as much as I liked their prices and their close proximity to my home, I am not happy with kost so I will need to shop around some more. Maybe if the advertisers complain about losing business kost will listen—-

  115. I am glad to see people are still writing – I like many other fans miss hearing Mark and Kim. I know Mark must need the job but it is not the same without Kim. I am giving Kost until the end of January to wake up and smell the coffee and then I am canceling my membership and my sister, my daughter and my niece ares going to cancel theirs. I know KOST won’t care but I need to do something.

    Kim – good luck in your future and thank you for letting me start my day with a laugh! You are missed!

  116. What an awful feeling it was to tune it to KOST and not hear Kim’s voice. I hate change. I miss Kim.


  118. I love Mark, but I have stopped listening to kost entirely. I started listening originally because of Mike Nolan. (who is also gone)but fell in love with the Mark and Kim show. I have been a loyal listener for 20 years. I have had to find a new station to listen to. Please bring Kim back.

  119. Kost destroyed a great team when they fired Kim. I hope she finds a guy named Mark and starts a new show some where along the ………..coast.

  120. I need to say that I am no longer listening to KOST. I am so disappointed CLEAR let Kim go. I loved her laugh in the morning. You need to hire Kim back. MARK AND KIM is the only way to go.

  121. mornings just arent the same anymore.my hushand john shaving at his sink, me at my sink doing hair and make up talking and laughing with mark and kim.of course we cant leave for work until “behind the song”mark, i’m sad for you,kim, i’m sad for you,but also i’m sad for my husband John and myself, we might just have to listen to country agian. Not really sure which station it’ll be, We’ve tried to stay with you Mark, but I just dont think it’s going to work I’m sure Clear Channel knows how that goes!

  122. I like the idea of boycotting the businesses that advertise on the station. More people should call/email the businesses so they can also put the pressure on the station to BRING KIM BACK!!!

  123. What everyone here doesn’t understand is that Clear Channel is unloading people, GOOD people, at all their big city radio stations, everywhere. The company has been saddled with enormous debt for many years, and now with radio listening way down, radio advertising revenue now trailing INTERNET advertising revenue, and a realization that the whole company is in deep trouble even though it’s being sold off in pieces, there is nothing left to cut in order to keep the stockholders happy except people.

    The only good to come of this will be the stations that sell at a bargain to small owners, who may then rush to put the personality back. If you think it’s bad for KOST, consider the cuts in NYC at Lite-FM… Just about all the heritage at that station is gone now, just in the past 3 months.

    Its a sad chapter in a once glorious industry called radio broadcasting, but as we discussed at a corporate meeting at the company I work for, the future of radio is NOT at one single radio station, but in developing a separate web community presence and driving listeners and revenue to the client stations that branch off FROM the web. HD is a disasterous waste of time (worse than AM stereo), XM & Sirius are no threat and themselves will likely end up silent in a few years… the point here is that radio as we know it is finished, and everything is moving to the internet. When the day arrives that all new vehicles have internet receivers, traditional broadcasters will instantly become irrelevant… so while we mourn the termination of some very GOOD radio people, we have to understand, nothing lasts for ever, and change is the one constant in the world.

    Clear Channel is certainly the worst offender as far as turning its back on its talent and listeners, but face this fact… commercial radio is a business and as such is profit driven. If they can’t turn a profit for one reason or another, the layoffs happen. I hate it as much as you but that’s the simple fact.. and CC simply has mis-managed it’s business since they became Clear Channel, evolving out of the former Jacor Communications (which was a good company with sound business practices – who recognized that talent drives radio and gains listeners).

    You want to blame someone? How about the Congress and President Bill Clinton who signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which allowed all this insane consolidation and debt leveraged purchases in the first place. That one piece of legislation, in my humble opinion, single handedly destroyed the radio medium. And that’s something that can’t ever be reversed. You folks can boycott advertisers, scream to the rooftops about how angry you are, but unless there are enough interested listeners to make a noticeable difference in sponsor’s revenue, absolutely nothing will change in the mindset of corporate radio.

    In closing, the saddest part of all this is, as we move ever closer to 2010… we’re going to see MORE automation and less real people on the air, and the first ones to go are going to be the really loved personalities who command the largest salaries. The business is irreperably ruined for on air people… and I want you all to understand where radio is headed. The INTERNET. Sorry. Even corporate leaders recognize this, and I can assure you, as I’m in radio management, that this is the case.

    I’m probably one of the last people in this business who still believes in people as the key to radio’s success. But it matters not, as long as $$ are the only motivation in our industry.

    -Steve West

  124. This is the note that I sent to Mr. Ashlock of CLear Channel:

    Mr. Ashlock,

    What a great loss your decision to fire Kim from KOST has been. Although, Mark is wonderful, the dynamics that their relationship and banter brought to the morning show was and is immeasurable.

    According to Francis Hutcheson, “That action is best, which procures the greatest happiness for the greatest numbers,” I thought that KOST knew the happiness that Mark and Kim brought their listeners. Or, do the “powers that be” just not care about the listeners?

    I was also saddened to know that such measures were taken right before the holidays, which truly speaks to the heartlessness of the Clear Channel establishment.

    Clear Channel needs to rethink their decision and beg and hope that Kim will come back.


    Arleen Romero

  125. Ahh…Corporate America, ain’t it great?! Having worked for Clear Channel for two years as a morning show personality on a station similar to KOST, I got a taste. It was only two years (not 25 like Kim–how did you do it girlfriend?), but enough for me to get an eye-opening look at operations within that company. They have a reputation for stream-lining business and it’s no surprise that the bottom dollar takes precadence above all else. They are called “Cheap Channel” for a reason. But it was my choice to work there and my choice to get paid the small salary they were offering.

    After working diligently with a partner and then solo, the ratings soared and our station (particularly the morning show) became #1 in the market and stayed that way for the remainder of my stay. I bring that up to say that as much as ratings equate to dollars, the powers that be (at least from my experience with Clear Channel) would never acknowledge that to talent because that would mean paying higher salaries. Heaven forbid we appreciate the talent and show them how much we value them!!!

    The real issue here, I hate to say, comes down to gender. It’s a fact that, when it comes to salaries in entertainment, women do not get equal treatment with men. Kim is absolutely right. It does set us back 30 years and that’s a shame. Especially when the very target they are trying to reach is women 25-54. It’s manipulation, it’s sexism and it sucks.

    I wasn’t let go from Clear Channel, I left. Although my ratings were through the roof and I worked very hard to get them that way, they brought in a male co-host for the morning show and paid him a much higher salary. Not cool. Why was it that Kim was let go and not Mark? That puzzles me when Kim could carry that show all by herself and do it well. Actually, it doesn’t really puzzle me, it’s perfectly clear: gender-bias. What bothers me is that they didn’t stick together as a team. If one was out then they both should have agreed to be, or they both take a small cut in salary if need be. Everybody is so freakin’ worried about themselves and principle or loyalty doesn’t seem to count.

    I love men who respect and honor women. Unfortunately in the radio world, they are few and far between.

    I was asked to apply to be Kim’s replacement (not possible) but after learning about everything that transpired, it’s a matter of principle. I pity anyone who walks into that position and tries to fill her shoes.

    Good luck, Kim, the world is your oyster! If you want to start a two-woman morning show, I’d love to be your partner!

  126. I know it has been awhile since Kim was “let go” from KOST but I had to put my two cents in. I just found out, today, that Kim was no longer part of the morning programming at KOST. What a huge mistake!!! I have been listening to Mark and Kim for many years. I admit I don’t listen when the Xmas music starts because I don’t want to hear it so early. I haven’t been working and commuting to work so didn’t know what had happend to Kim. The so called morning show is not the same without Kim, no offense to Mark but as other listeners said the two of them together is what made the show a hit. I too will no longer listen to KOST. Does anyone know of a radio station that plays soft rock that is not affiliated with clear channel?
    Kim, you are probably better off. I’m sure your kids enjoyed having you around more even if it is just temporary. And when Kim shows up on another radio station I hope the news spreads rapidly so I can tune in.

  127. Yes, Kim is missed however, she will be just fine. Radio broadcasters are paid a lot of money and she has been employed for many, many years.
    The good news is that KOST now has less talking and more music.

  128. Well, well, this is a fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into! Letting half of the team go… what were you thinking CC?

    I, too, have been an avid listener sinced May of 1983. My morning communte will not be the same without Kim. I love Mark, but the main reason I tuned in every day was because of the TEAM. I guess I’ll be looking for another team.

    KIM, if you’re listening, there is life after KOST as I’m sure you already know. Take the time to reflect on the past, help your children learn one of life’s lessons and move on. It’s all in the PLAN and no matter what, we can’t control what others do.

    You have thousands of listeners that love you dearly and will follow you where ever you go. I only hope that when you get snatched up by another network, Mark will follow and SoCal will have an even better Mark & Kim show to listen to.

    I love you Mark, but the sparkle is gone in your attitude and your voice, and I find it annoying to have Rodrigo shouting out his comments in the background.

    Good luck to all of you.

  129. I am so, so sad that Kim is no longer on KOST. I have listened to Mark & Kim since I was a kid and have ALWAYS counted on their morning show to be part of my day. Always! But it will not be the same without Kim and, as much I love Mark’s humor and candor, I haven’t listened to him since Kim was let go. She is so sweet and funny with an uplifting personality and a great voice. With all of her talent and following, I’m hopeful Kim will find another radio home that is not linked in any way to Clear Channel. They suck and I am now on satellite radio and will avoid all patronization of anything related to Clear Channel.

  130. As much as I would like to listen to mark in the morning on my way to work, I just couldn’t bare to listen mark without kim in the show.

    I missed kim’s laugh, it’s just sad to hear the news. I guess the best way would be find them a different radio station to put them back together.

  131. I really miss Kim. No offense to Mark but he is just boring without Kim. It’s like cake without frosting it’s o.k. but it’s definitely doesn’t taste as good. I can’t even listen anymore. I am now listening to KRTH in the morning. It’s too bad that a big company like ClearChannel comes in and makes such terrible decisions. Oh well when their ratings tank that will become their problem. I miss Kim and I wish her the absolute best in all her future endeavors. Honestly I hope she ends up on another L.A. station in the morning and that everyone abandons the KOST ship. Why try and “fix” something that is not broken…CLear Channel has mad a huge mistake!!

  132. I have never even made a comment before, but i had to find out what happened to Kim. I am shocked. I do not even listen to the show anymore, not that I do not like Mark but it is not the same without her. Station made a bad move. Too bad.

  133. I was hoping that Kim had taken an extended vacation but I know realize that she has left Kost. For the last 20 plus years I have been listening to Mark and Kim in the morning and I truly miss Kim. I have enjoyed listening about their families and I feel I know each of them personally. I love Mark, especially when he mentions Santa Ana, I am a long time residance here. Mark is very talented and has been doing very well on his own but there is a spark missing; Mark and Kim were so compatible and worked very well together something I don’t find on any other station. I really hope that management does reconsider and bring Kim back as soon as possible or they will be loosing many of their listeners.

  134. Maybe they should do less trips to the Bahamas or Disney Island with Rodrigo and Claudia. Maybe Stella should have stayed home. I for one always hated the month long Christmas music, but loved Mark and Kim. Kim will be a sucess wherever she goes. Clear Channel got themselves in debt maybe the same way Enron did, top people taking it for themselves. Mark and Kim made Kost a sucess. The big bosses should have managed better or they should be gone. No more Kost for me. Sorry Mark.

  135. Wow! Splitting up a team after 20+ years on the air. Just when you think you’ve heard it all. One word for the suits at Clear Channel: Fools!! Count me as just another disappointed fan. Kim, if you ask me they should have kept you and fired Mark! But alas, it’s still a man’s world. You’ll land on your feet for sure, we’ll be looking for you out there.

  136. Kost Management Greg Ashlock,

    I sent an e-mail when you first let Kim go about how upset I was, and now it has been 2 months and everyday I miss hearing Mark and Kim together in the morning. They always brought a smile to my face and laughter to my day. It will never be the same without Kim. Is there anyway of finding out how Kim is doing and her future plans?
    Still so disappointed with your decision.
    Connie B.

  137. Hi it’s Mark. Wow! You all blow me away!!! I’ve been following much of what has been written and I feel compelled to comment.

    I’ve talked with Kim several times about putting another show together and she told me she doesn’t want to work in radio again. I hope that’s not true. She has said that she’ll listen to any offers.

    Anyone know about playing office politics? Well for a long time Kim has expressed on the air and in the halls that she wanted to do something else. I think maybe one too many times. I do know that the company had to make painful financial decisions that affected many here at our station both on and off the air. I guess, knowing Kim’s feelings, they felt the time was right and opted not to renew her contract in 2008. Greg Ashlock told me he doesn’t want anyone to ‘need’ to work here he wants people that ‘want’ to work here. Nuff said? She did receive severance pay that insures that she won’t have to work for years if she chooses. Kim wants to become a writer. She has an agent and is pursuing that field.

    I have told Kim that many people want to catch up with her. Her daughter Bevy is supposed to be putting up a Myspace.com page for her. When that happens I will post that address on my blog! If I can’t convince Kim then I’m going to have to go out there and find that perfect partner again.

    Yeah, I feel like I got blind sided with a baseball bat but you know what? When I got hired in 1985 I didn’t think I’d last six months.

    It was an amazing 22 years and I will always have wonderful memories of the people we’ve met and fantastic things we were able to do while on the air. It’s always been such a blessing to work here and if at some point I am asked to leave I will be forever grateful for the time I was allowed be on the air and reach out to wonderful people like you.

    In the meantime I hope you’ll continue to listen. I’m planning on a fantastic future here at Coast 103!

  138. I have just read Mark Wallengren’s comments. Not buying into it. If Kim was treated better and with all the respect she deserved and earned she would still be there. By Kim saying she wants to do something else says to me that she GOT ZERO respect from Management and she was not feeling the love she needed and positive feedback she deserved there at KOST 103. I tried to listen to Mark on his own and it is so small market radio now. It is totally not Mark’s fault. He needs someone there to bounce off and share his show with. Sorry KOST another listener bites the dust. Kim, I miss you and whatever you end of doing you will do it 100%. KOST should change it’s call letter to LOST.
    David Neal

  139. So much for thinking out loud Kim.
    If Kim truly wanted to move on then she should have made arrangements and went out like a Pro.

    This is Hollywood,Unfortunately it’s Big Shark Tank, and if your not careful you will get BIT
    in the Ass!

    Sorry Kim, All the Best.

  140. I want to Thank Mark Wallengren for leaving a wonderful comment. While I don’t think it will stop fans from missing Kim, I believe it will allow us to move forward and wish everyone well. I think it’s clear no one really likes change and with Kim’s departure happening so abruptly it truly felt like a big slap in the face, especially to those who were dedicated to listening every morning. But the truth is, change happens and I’ve come to find that it usually ends up being for the best for everyone involved (and sometimes beyond).

    I do wish Kim the best in her future endeavors and if she ever puts out a book or writes a script or gets a job with a magazine or newspaper I’ll be one of the first to support her. Until then, I send prayers and well wishes. As you can read on this message board she is so loved and terribly missed!!!

    I also want to continue to encourage the remaining morning show folks at KOST 103 as I’m sure the change has been hard for them, too. Do your best and keep your public entertained! You’ll do just fine!

    p.s. to Mark, I just heard your son’s band on MySpace (Billy Boy on Poison)… they are AWESOME!!!

  141. Thanks for your update on Kim, Mark. Having been affected “corporte downsizing” myself after years on their payroll, Kim has weighed heavy on my mind. Glad to hear she was provided a comfortable severence package and that she is happily pursuing something else, however that doesn’t mean we don’t miss her and hope the two of you can reunite on the airwaves!

  142. Having cut Kim Amadon from the morning show was not a smart move. They are a terrific radio duo which is the reason I listened to the show along with many others. I now listen to other stations in the morning. I guess she was let go because she was the female. Typical and I am not a woman’s libber, just stating the facts.

    You have lost alot of listeners to cut costs. Should of saved the costs in other areas.

    Dumb Move !!!

  143. I’m glad I found this website and read your response here. I was waiting for your response on my email address but you never responded. Your response on this website is good enough,I’m sure you have been bombarded with questions about Kim.
    I was really shocked to hear what they did to her but listening to you alone on the show without Kim is not the same. You are such a good couple on air, the show is more lively, what can I say. It may take awhile before all of us forget what had happened and how good to hear both of you on the air. However, no matter how hard it is to think and listen that Kim will not going to be on the air with you, I will continue to listen on your morning show. Can I tell you something? I just don’t like to hear whoever is that girl giggling on the background when you say something funny or scarcastic statement, her giggle is so annoying! Sorry, maybe because I still want to hear Kim’s laughs on air and not that girl. Just let her know to keep it down. Give my regards to Kim. God bless the two of you and your families.

  144. Like most of what I have been reading, I am very unhappy with the turn of events at KOST. I wrote before, and it didn’t seem to make anyone take notice. I will say it again. Mark alone, isn’t interesting enough to listen to. I don’t listen to KOST during the Christmas music because it is way too much and way too soon. When the holidays were over, and I listened to my radio/alarm clock in the mornings, I never heard a word from or about Kim. I had to do some searching, and found she is no longer part of the KOST family. What a waste. On her own, Kim was great. As part of a team, she kept Mark in touch with us enough to make if fun and interesting. On his own, I am glad that I listen to stories on CD instead of the radio. I won’t have to get attached to another group on another radio station, and be let down again. Way to go KOST, keep losing listeners and see where it gets you!!

  145. It goes to show you that if Kim was let go in November – and we are still discussing this in February – it’s a subject that is not going to go easy into the night.

    I think that it is great that Mark left a comment – but it’s very telling that the underlying theme amongst the posters here is that they no longer listen to the show.

    I find Mark very personable and have tuned in from time to time since Kim’s departure – but I think that it will be a bad idea to pair him with someone else.

    The backlash will be incredible. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out.

    I am glad that Kim was well compensated and that she is doing what she wants to do now. I firmly believe in my heart that she will come out on top.

    Oh Kost – I will miss you terribly. Thanks for the memories.

  146. Thank you Mark for you comments. I think it was very brave of you to comment for fear that you might take the wrath of KOST/Clearwater.

    You are a good person with a nice family but you alone with Rodrigo and this Klaudia (with a K) just doesn’t cut it. The few seconds I do listen, the show sounds too scripted and you sound unhappy and unfocused/lost. I do not think it will work to hook you up with another person. I think that would just agitate people even more, especially the one’s that do not know what went down. I am sorry Mark, but I fear that your job is in jeapardy not matter how much you kiss KOST’s/Clearwater’s behinds. It is all about money for them.

    A confession, I stopped listening full time a couple of years ago. Not your fault, having teenage children, my taste changed as they have force me to listen to their radio stations. But, “Mark and Kim” had a very loyal following and I really respect and appreciate that. I, myself listened for many, many years. You and Kim will always have a place in my heart.

    Good luck Mark, even though I no longer listen, I am pulling for you.

    p.s. KOST has way too many commericals. Another reason I stopped listening is I got tired of hearing the commercials that got slipped in with yours and Kim’s dialogs and the also teasers. It became too difficult (and way too early in the morning)to try to distinguish if you guys were sharing real life stories or scripting a commercial. For people who listen while driving to work, it is frustrating to hear a teaser on something that is coming up when you know you have to be in an office where you are not able to listen to the radio. Better to not know what you are missing.

  147. I have been a long time listener to KOST and when I first heard Kim was gone I did cry! It was unbelieveable!! She was such a big part in the success of the station and then poof, you’re gone…I no longer listen to KOST. I’m now a KMVN/Rick Dees listener. Sorry Mark, miss you Kim.
    Linda R.
    Riverside, CA

  148. Mark,
    Thank you for leaving your commit. I have continued to listen to Kost because I do enjoy listening to you,I love the show but I have to say even though you are much fun to listen to, it is not the same without Kim. I just can’t stop missing the show the way it has been for years.
    Why do good things have to be fixed when they are so good?? I will never understand the change what a big dissapointment still!!
    Connie Brenner

  149. Why doesn’t Kim herself comment on this blog. I’m sure she knows of it’s existence. Maybe it’s part of her severance pay arrangement that she should not discuss her terms or the reasons, she was let go.

  150. I am really not sure what is going on with LA radio. When Charlie Tuna got the ax on K-BIG and brought in that ridiculous Valentine and changed everything to MyFM I just wasn’t feelin it. I was so dissapointed and sad.

    But at least Mark and Kim were there. That team was a constant in a sea of ridiculousness. I am 34 years old and literaly grew up listeing them.

    Now, that Kim is gone I am just PISSED. I am so fed up with Clear Channel that I am just going to listen to my I-POD.
    SCREW IT. THE MAGIC IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. KOST is just not the same without Kim! I, like numerous other listeners, have moved on to other radio stations. What a shame.

  152. Although the comments by “Mark Wallengren” on Jan 29 seem sincere, for some reason I do not believe it is really him. Why would he refer to KOST as “Coast”? Seems like this person is trying to make the station sound like they did the fair thing, accomodate Kim while accomodating themselves… pretty fishy…

    I’m hoping another station picks up the AC format because Clear Channel is burning a lot of bridges…

  153. We us the word “Coast” because that’s how we pronounce it.

    FYI…John! Kim never looked at her own email let alone bother to look at blogs. I’ll let her know about the blog that gets one post on the subject a week.

  154. Kost,
    What is going on?? The past few mornings you have 4 way conversations now including Stella! As much as I love listening to Mark I have had it and will be changing my morning station for a while Or forever. What you are all doing does not compare to the wonderful past mornings with Mark and Kim. Mark you are so much fun and I love listening to you but this is to much!!

  155. KOST’s behavior towards Kim is not just disrespectful towards her, but is disrespectful to all of us who would be their audience.

  156. Since my retirement I spend alot of time out of the state. I kept wondering when I tuned in to Kost whey I wasn’t hearing Kim’s voice. Today I after tuning in to Kost in my car radio, my curiousity got the better of me and I checked the internet for info, imagine my shock when I found that Kim was let go by those brilliant corporate minds who decide for us what we should enjoy listening too. I listening to Mark and Kim for the past twenty plus years. My alarm would wake me up to their voices and I enjoyed listening to them until I got to work, I felt like I was a part of their family. I agree with so many other listeners, the show is now boring and dying. This is one person who will no longer tune in to Kost Radio. Kim good luck and God speed.

  157. You know, the whole staff was saddened by the loss of Kim as well as midday host Mike Sakellarides and Julie Kertes who was our Marketing Director when they were let go the next day. We had a great team. Still what saddens me more is to hear how many people will abandon those of us still working hard to keep the home fires burning. Mark works his tail off every day as does Karen Sharp. Mark has worked with a partner for 22 years and he’s still working on making the adjustment. I understand your frustration and anger, but if you give us time, you may come to like what you hear. Yes, there will most likely be a replacement for Kim. At this time I know not who it will be, and yes it won’t be the same, but you’ll get 110% from those of us on air at the Coast.

  158. I too have been a loyal KOST listener for over 10 years and LOVED Mark and Kim. In November when we learned Kim was let go I decided to listen in for Mark and Rodrigo’s sake. It has been too awkward and even painful to listen to even for just a few minutes. The magic is gone and it is so obvious. I miss Kim’s laugh and antics so much. And, Stella stepping in, oh boy, she’s terrible. Sorry Stella but you should stick with your real job. In January I found KRTH101 and have come to laugh out loud again as I crawl down the 91 Fwy-Gary Bryan, Lisa Stanley, Super Sam and Timmy the Cabana Boy are a hoot together. Although we never really hear Tim. They just playfully pick on him. I recommnend other KOST listeners give them a try. They are endearing and FUNNY and I can’t believe how quickly I’ve connected with them. Charlie Tuna subs for them too when they are on vacation, so it’s like visiting with a dear and charming friend. Give them a listen and you’ll go back to cracking up again, especially with Gary’s Fickle Finger of Fate Award, and the daily poll questions. And, Lisa sounds so cute with her squeeky voice and Sam has a great laugh. I love it when Gary teases them and they give it right back. Great team!

  159. Sorry Mark, it just isn’t working for me. After being a faithful listener for years I am sadly going to have to say good-bye. I no longer look forward to turning on the radio in my car and at work to listen to Mark and Kim. Now when I turn it on I here Mark and other anonymous voices trying to make the show work. Good Luck

  160. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I find it somewhat disturbing that people can write off a station just because someone was let go. We all love Kim, but losing her in the morning doesn’t make the rest of the broadcast day sound any different. We still have an outstanding night show in Lovesongs on the Coast and the rest of us are working even harder to keep the station sounding as it always has. Mark gets in before dawn and most days doesn’t leave until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. I also have to wonder why people would take out their anger on assistant producer Klaudia. She was there before Kim and had NOTHING to do with Kim’s departure. As upset as we all were about losing Kim, I would like to point out that we lost other great people too in midday host Mike Sakellarides and marketing director Julie Kertes. As Mark pointed out, Kim is doing well, but not everyone made morning drive money and I worry about my friends Mike & Julie and Claudia Vine who was another promotions department casualty. They have families and their lives were affected negatively as well.

    You can be upset by the departures of these fine people, but I feel it’s unfair to direct your anger at those left behind like Mark & Klaudia who had no say in the decision making process.

  161. I was a long-time Mark and Kim listener back in the mid-late 80’s until I returned to my home state of Michigan in ’93. You all should know that I found out about Kim’s departure in a regular feature in my local paper (The Oakland Press) that writes about Radio and Radio Broadcasting. What a disappointment. I fell in love in Southern California with Mark and Kim in the background. I still listen on line sometimes. KOST is still a good station with a lot of on-air talent, but there is a big gap in the mornings. I hope Clear Channel rethinks their poor move…

  162. I hope that Kim and Mark will be reunited at a new radio station and call it the best of the new Mark and Kim good morning ahow and have all the listeners go on field trips to different theme parks, to different theatres to see different plays, and take the listeners to different museums and to different beaches during the summer and during the winter, I would to be the host putting together breakfast with Mark and Kim as well in Mark and Kim’s studio and cafe.

  163. Bryan Simmons,

    First and foremost thank you for posting. I haven’t been here posting in awhile – but saw your post and wanted to respond. I think what a lot of us are going through is the classis “grief cycle” where something traumatic happens and you go through anger, denial, sadness, and ultimately acceptance.

    The firing of Kim hit all of us on some level or another in a personal way. For me it was the fact that she and I are both single mothers who are trying to make a living.

    I think also too that for my family listening to KOST during the holidays has become a tradition and it was like celebrating the first holiday after a relative passes away. It’s hard, it’s difficult but ultimately you accept it.

    I just feel that the way the whole situation was handled was poorly done and I believe that time will heal that. With that being said – when you have had loyal listeners for 20+ years they have the right to be upset.

    I do agree however that calling people out by their names and comparing them to Kim simply isn’t appropriate. Claudia, Rodrigo and Stella are trying the best that they can – and they shouldn’t get the brunt of how we feel – but I think it is going to take awhile before all of this pans out.

    Thanks again for posting and best of luck to you!

  164. Rebecca,
    Thank you for your words. And to all readers I apologize for the double posts. When my first post didn’t show up I wrote another. I just felt that these things needed to be said. I see these people every day and can tell you that they are good people who are doing tremendous work on the air and behind the scenes. I’m sure if Kim were to read all of these posts she would find it gratifying to have such support. I also feel that this just goes to show you that even in this day and age radio can still be a moving and intensely personal medium that creates a bond between the people on the air and the listeners on the other end. Thanks again,

  165. I am a long-time resident of SoCal and a long time listener of SoCal radio broadcasting. In the ’80s I enjoyed KROQ -Ramando and Blade and Poor Man…never really got into Kevin and Bean. I jumped stations to Mark and Kim in the 90s; I really enjoyed their chemistry. They also appeared to be having fun -together. I just learned of Kim’s firing and it sickens me. The duo represented a balanced approach to dealing with the daily grind of responsibilities and I truly was entertained during my commutes in the morning and I especially looked forward to the “celebrity round ups.” I tuned in briefly recently and Mark is struggling to keep my interest. He seems bitter and angry and it just is not FUN anymore. I bought XM and now just enjoy music – but I would give it up if Kim reunited with Mark. Do the right thing and bring Kim back!

  166. To Brian, Mark and anyone else from KOST/Clearwater.

    First, I have no doubt that Mark and the rest of the staff work very hard at their jobs. I work really hard at my job also. I get in at 8 am and leave sometimes as late as 8pm or later. The problem is I am not a DJ on the radio trying to make a morning commute more enjoyable for listeners. I am all about supporting people, but at what cost, a lousy morning commute so Mark can keep his job? Read the posts, they are true, Mark and Kim had a great chemistry and Mark alone just does not cut it. I am not denying that he isn’t trying hard but what he is trying is not working. Brian, if I was doing a service for you and was not cutting the mustard, you would move on also. And to say aside from the morning show that KOST is the same, I disagree. I stopped listening to KOST a while before Kim left. Too many commercials. I know that other stations have probably the same number of commercials but they have a way of hiding it better. One of the reasons I left is half of Mark and Kim’s show was them promoting something from a paid advertiser. I was finding it hard to distinguish what was a commercial as opposed to a real life experience. I do not like commercials. The other half of the show was them throwing out teasers for something that was going to happen after I arrived at work. Sometimes I did not have access to a radio. It was becoming too frustrating.

    As far as Kim is concerned, it would be different if Kim left on her own free will. Brian, you are forgetting that Kim was let go, laid off, fired. Obviously KOST feels there is a void with her absence as they are looking for someone to replace her. If Kim/Mark are paid too much then I would suggest lowering their pay. My experience is that you do not get rid of people you need. I know others at your station were also affected and I feel bad for them. Ultimately, it is not up to the listeners to make things right for you and the others who work at your station. It is up to your management to listen to it’s audience. We are the ones that ultimately pay their check and yours. There are hundreds of posts out there from unsatisfied listeners.

    I offer good luck to the people left at your station.

  167. Wow…This was one long thread to read. I’ve been wondering for awhile what happen to Kim. Listening to Mark in the morning, while he is funny and great, missing another person on the show loses that dynamics.

    It is like Bonnie and Clyde, but no Clyde. Or Three Stooges w/ Curly. It ain’t the same show after 25 years of history and building a long list of dedicated followers to KOST as the Mark and Kim show…

    While this caused me to listen to KOST lesser than before now, the cut off point for me IF Karen Sharpe was to be let go. I’ve travel a lot in my days and listen to other people trying to do Love songs and dedication. Each time I listen to the radio in other states, I have to say, there can only be ONE love song channel and it has to be with Karen Sharp.

    My hats off to Mark to man the fort and keep the channel running.

  168. To Brian,

    We all have had our say about the sad loss of Kim but after many months and only responses from you and Mark on her behalf I really feel betrayed. I can’t believe she can’t find the time for one…just one post to say hello and let us know she’s OK. (Believe me we would all be fine with the compensation package she received) She should
    know by now how her fans feel and to totally ignore us is rude. I truly thought she would be more considerate. I’m so over the grief as I’m sure many listeners are as well. We just want to get on and find a new replacement. Who knows we might get lucky and have an even better Morning Show?

    I’m still here with the Morning Show because of Mark as he is the best and I’m fortunate now to be able to hear him at lunch.

    Let Kim know we want to hear from her and wish her
    the very best.

  169. I have listened to Mark & Kim for 15 years. Sorry, Mark, but without Kim, the show just isn’t the same. Unfortunately, no matter how hard the station looks to find a replacement for their “mistake”, it would be extremely difficult to find another person who would have that “chemistry” that the two of them had. The real problem with KOST is management. If they are too unaware of listeners’ needs to understand what is required to hold a good show together, I don’t think the management of KOST deserves listeners. This has nothing to do with Mark. He’s trying to salvage a huge mistake made by manageament & I’m sure it requires hard work and long hours. Management must realize they made a mistake because they are now looking for a replacement and/or attempting as I call it – “female background noise” (Stella & Claudia with a K).
    The only thing that will salvage this show and the dignity of KOST is to hire Kim back.
    I tune in periodically to see if I can stand to listen to the show, but cannot listen for long & must tune to other stations. Until the management eats pride, admits their mistake & Kim is back, I’ll continue listening to other radio stations.

  170. I saw that the ratings came out a few days ago. Historically for the past 3-4 years KOST is in the top three during the end of the year because of the Christmas music being played. This year they came in 8th place.

    I wonder if the ratings decline further whether or not the management will realize that they made a mistake.

    Ratings and money do talk.

  171. I miss Kim and wish as others do, that Kim would return to the 103.5 format. It is just not the same dynamic without her…(no fault of Mark’s)…Bad Mistake, Clear Channel…I will probably change stations in the near future.


  172. I was not happy to see that Kim Amidon was no longer with the station. In my opinion Mark and Kim WERE KOST. I am glad to see that the Tuna man landed on his feet, he is also a radio icon, again, in my opinion.
    Clear Channel has the right to do as they please, they own the station. I as there listener also have a right to listen or not and this includes their advertisers.
    Good bye KOST….

  173. I am a 25yr old Woman and I grew up listing to Mark and Kim every morning because it was the only show that my parents would listen to in the morning in the home and in the car. I contiuned to listen to the Mark and Kim show even after I moved out from under my parents “wing” When Kim was axed from Kost I stopped listening to Kost and went back to the music I normaly listen to “hard rock” the Mark and Kim show was the only radio show that wasn’t of the “norm” for me Im an “Manson” fan NOT a “Eric Clapton” fan, so it shows how much one person can change how some listens to their music in the morning when they dont even like the music being played on that station.

    Great Job Kost and CC for axeing Kim
    You lost myself and my family from listening to your programs.

  174. Shocked is an understatement as to how I feel about Kim’s absence. Her calming and soothing voice reminded me of the time I used to live with my family and was a start to a great day. Sadly, KOST’s morning show is now broken and incomplete without Kim. Furthermore, Clear Channel does not seem to care or consider what the listeners think of their idiotic decision to let their best asset go. So I assume in addition to cutting costs, they also intended to cut off their audience. Your wish is my command. I will no longer listen to you mediocre station.


  175. Lynne wrote a response to me back on April 15th, well actually to “Brian, Mark and anyone else from KOST/Clearwater”, so I felt that I should respond.

    Actually it’s not Clearwater, but Clear Channel that owns our station.

    Thank you for acknowledging that we’re working hard at our jobs.

    I understand the normal frustrations that you’ve encountered. I wish I could change that, and or course I would LOVE to be able to give you all what you want. I’m still amazed at some of the posts here on Airchexx.com. Some are harsh and I’ll admit it hurts to read what some have written, especially when people put down Stella and Klaudia. I guess the put-downs of these two nice people could be considered collateral damage.

    Still it does bother me, but it’s a free country and you can pretty much say what you want.

    If only Kim wanted to do radio again, she does not and from all accounts is happy doing her own thing. We have to soldier on though and that’s what we’re doing. We now have another nice lady to work with Mark. She’s the product of a long and far reaching search and we think she’s going to do great. If some of our detractors give her a chance we think that she’ll grow on you. It’ll take time to mesh with Mark, but that’s nothing new as it took a while for Mark and Kim to fall into step with each other. I know, I was there. So if you give Kristen Cruz a chance you might just enjoy the show.

    Now don’t get me wrong, it WOULD be great to have Kim back, and I never say never as I too was in her place when I was downsized in 2001, but I made it back, and you never know in the world of radio. That being said, I’m pulling for Kristen and Mark every morning.

    Thank you for wishing us good luck Lynne, and I hope you’ll hold on a little longer to see what happens at the Coast! I know that Karen Sharp, Mark & Kristen, Cathi Parrish, Christine Martindale, Brien Tennis, Ted Ziegenbusch and the rest of those on staff, on and off air would really appreciate your support.


    Bryan-KOST Afternoons

  176. Thank you Bryan for posting. It means a lot for people here to know that you read these posts. I think all things take time. I haven’t listened to KOST on a regular basis since Kim left. I am glad that Kim is doing well and is happy and is doing what she wants to do. As in all good things – it has to come to an end. I will tune in and see if I like what I hear.

    It really would be great to hear from Kim to see how she is doing … maybe someday she will post or do an interview.

    Best of luck to you and continued success at Kost.

  177. I was listening to the radio when Mark announced the sudden and unexpected departure of Kim from the show. I was shocked and angry…and felt helpless. I listen to the shows after the M& K hours, and it’s not really a reflection of Mark. As others have said, it is just not the same. It is especially disconcerting to not know the why…especially since a new person has been added. This person has a decidedly difficult place to be, because whatever she does…it’s not good enough…and her voice not pleasant to the ear. Please Kim tell us fans where you are and what’e you’re doing. The loss makes me feel sick to my stomach. God Bless, Marjie

  178. I am very sorry that kost Has let Kim go. ( OUR YOU PEOPLE NUTS.?? KOST you are out of your mined) Do you have a brain in your head. Cut backs Cut backs. You will start to lose listeners with in time your radio station will fall mark my word.)You had a good thing going, you blew it. I love Kim she had a great voice. Kim and Mark went good together like glue for years, They were fun together. I enjoyed them both in the am on the way to work. Mark does not seem as happy as before. And whoever the new female you have she SUCKS. She trys to be like Kim. (HONEY YOU JUST DONT HAVE IT) Until Kim is back,and I dont blame her if she never comes back. Your radio station is off my radio. Done, Gone, No longer, BYE, BYE, KOST.

    Kim good luck to you and your family.

  179. It has really been bothering me that Kim hasn’t been on the air, and it was sort of a twilight zone as far as where she went. I am just not impressed by the show anymore, and it is because without Kim, there is no chemistry. I listen every once in awhile to see if she is back… it was a bad, bad move on the part of KOST. management not to renew her contract. Listen up – if it has been months, and you still have listeners missing Kim, and stating they will NOT listen and will boycott your advertisers, you need to rethink your position. Your business is all about personality & sales… GET KIM BACK!

  180. I have started to listen to the Morning Show again. I tried several other stations but basically am waiting for the holidays to begin so I can listen to Christimas music. I miss Kim very much – what can I say? However, I feel that the show has been such a part of my life and morning routine that I missed it very much that I have decided to give it a try.

    Does anyone know how Kim is doing? I am getting used to the hosts now. I really wish the best to station and hope that things go well.

  181. Thank you Lynne for posting that. I don’t think that Kim will ever come back – but it sounds like she is very happy with doing what she is doing. I wish her the best.

  182. Dear Mark and/or Brian

    As I was going back and reading all of these comments, I realized that I felt a lot of the same things when I discovered that Kim was no longer going to be on the air. I remember, as a 5-6 years old listening to Mark & Kim as my dad drove me to school. That was 20 years ago and I have been listening ever since.

    I too, swore up and down that I wouldn’t listen to the morning show any more and take a stand. But the reality is, life is full of changes, and this is just another one that we will all adjust to. If in fact, Kim was unhappy then I hope she finds her calling in something that excites her. You spend most of your life at work, you should truly enjoy what you do. If the termination was against her wishes, than it’s just life’s way of helping you to take on something else. When one door closes, others open.

    This morning as I listened to Mark and Kristen show, I suddenly wondered what Kim must be doing now. So I googled and found this story, which I had read last year shortly after her termination. I went back and read all of the comments and while I do feel sad that my favorite morning show is not the way it used to be, the only thing that is certain is that things change.

    It’s really amazing how radio personalities can can impact our lives. These postings have been going on for just about a year now and they continue. I guess it’s like having a close friend with you day in and day out and someone else making the decision for them no longer to be with you…

    Needless to say, as you pointed out Brian, the format for the rest of the day is just as it used to be and it’s nice to have some normalcy amongst all this change.

    I also remember when Mark and Kim first started, it did take time for them to get into a groove, Mark and Kristen will get there…

    I hope if either Mark or Brian checks this again, they will let Kim know that she has many well wishers out there and that we are eager to know how she is doing, whether it be via myspace or even through a comment on this article.

    All the Best,


  183. I have been wondering for quite a while about what had happend to Kim. Thank you, Lynn, for the link to the OC Register’s article. It is good to know that Kim is doing well and that she is focusing on making a difference in a world that is in great need of people who will stand up to the companies, like Clearchannel, that promote inequality when it comes to age and gender. I have missed hearing Kim’s calming voice. She had a marvelous way of balancing Mark’s energy. They were a great team. I have listened to KOST for years, but this year without Kim has made me turn more often to other stations. Obviously, it was terrible judgement on Clearchannel’s part to let Kim go. I guess they didn’t realize what an impact it would have for the loyal listeners of the Mark and Kim Show. I wish Mark and his new co-host all the best, and I wish that whoever is making these decisions at Clearchannel would get a clue and give women equal pay. By the way, enough with the Hollywood Round Up baddies. Let’s hear about some of the good things celebrities are involved in. We need some uplifting voices in the media these days.

  184. Please reconsider bringing Kim Amadon back. The show is not the same without her. We have tried to listen but can’t make the ajustment to the differences. We have been listening to Mark and the other girl but it’s not good. We are going to start listening to talk radio. We really miss THE MARK AND KIM SHOW. Please reconsider….Natalie & AL

  185. i think that the people of Clear Channel who fired Kim Amidon, Mike Sackellarides, Mike Nolan are going to regret that they did what they did. these people are good people and theyre the ones who keep us awake in the mornings. theyre are the ones who got us to enjoy listening to kost 103.5 the reason why you fired kim was because Kristin offered a lower salary is just bullshit. i think u should think before u take action seriously. i am going to STOP listening to KOST 103.5 now and i will tell everyone i know to stop listening too. it is such a shame that you people of CLEAR CHANNEL rather think about making more money than think about capturing people’s hearts.

  186. I no longer listen to kost. I used to listen to it every morninig on my way to work, not anymore. I cant stand the voice of the person replacing KIM. It just doesn’t work for me.

  187. This is post #199 on the topic of Kim Amidon. I find it amazing that a year after her firing, people are still angry about it. Perhaps you listeners do have a right to be angry, but I’d ask all of you to read the OC REGISTER article that Lynne posted back in October (//www.ocregister.com/ocregister/entertainment/columns/article_2011359.php). Kim says she’s happy to be away from radio. Well, I can certainly understand that. Your webmaster ended his career last February. I really DON’T miss it, even though radio was all I wanted to do since I was 16. Gang, radio is not the same from a business perspective as it was even 10 years ago, although thats when the real change in attitude began.

    What you all must understand is that perhaps more than most industries, radio broadcasting is hurt by a slow economy and rising costs especially now that the stock market has tanked. Advertising dollars are hard to get, investors are screaming for a lower bottom line and this coupled with continued consolidation of radio companies means there are fewer on air jobs and less pay to go around. You wouldn’t believe how many good radio people are out of work these days.

    I would ask that people stop with the disparaging comments abut Mark Wallengren. We’ve had to delete a few of the comments because they were profanity filled, and we don’t want that on this site, and there’s no place for inappropriate behavior here. There’s also no reason why people should disrespect Mark. I posted something similar about 6 months ago and I guess nobody read it.

    Lastly, thanks to you listeners who posted comments here, a google search for KOST finds this aircheck here on Airchexx.com at #3 in the rankings, right behind KOST 103.5’s official website. We’ve become the de-facto place for people to come discuss KOST, and we thank you for coming.

    If anyone out there has an aircheck of Mark & Kim, or of KOST in general, please email steve@airchexx.com and I’ll make sure it appears on the site with generous credit to the contributor. Thanks in advance!

    Everyone have a great day and enjoy the rest of Airchexx.com!

    Steve West

  188. I guess that makes me comment number 200. Thanks Steve for your great insight. I too think it is unfair for people to blame the radio personalities for decisions that the company is forced to make. I don’t think there is anyone that likes change. Kim had a wonderful run on the air. Maybe she is happy to retire…maybe not. However, being on air for that long on a morning show in LA is a wonderful honor. She was the first woman in LA radio to have her name on a morning show. She broke down a lot of doors for woman in radio.

    With change there also is opportunity. Someone has had to take over once kim left. I just want to say I think Kristin has been very gracious in what must be a very hard position to come into. She has done a wonderful job. She isn’t Kim…but she is someone that has a wonderful opportunity because of what Kim did for woman in radio. I have read a few interviews of her and she is quick to say she isn’t trying to replace kim because that would be impossible. She even talks about growing up in LA and being a fan of the Mark and Kim show. It would be impossible to find a person to replace kim. But I think KOST did a pretty good job finding someone to begin a new era for the KOST morning show.

    Kristin, I’m rooting to you. You’re doing a good job and I enjoy listening to you each morning.

  189. Well – as this time rolls around I am taking bets to see when the Christmas music will start. I say Friday, November 21st. It is sort of bittersweet though because Kim isn’t there and it’s almost been a year. I know, I know, let go and move on. I have been listening to the Morning Show and trying to give it a chance. Old habits die hard. In any event life does go on and I am trying to be open minded.

  190. I just read on LARadio.com that Kim Amidon will be a “fill in” person on KRTH 101.

    It will be great to hear her voice again. I am so happy that she will be back on the radio 🙂

  191. I too was disappointed when Kim just suddenly went missing one morning. I wake up to KOST, and hey, just suddenly one day she’s gone. Like switching Darren’s on Bewitched, no mention of it at all, just “hope they don’t notice” (!!!). Now there’s that new gal with the cigarette-smoker’s voice, what’s her name? Kristen? Can’t blame her, though, someone offers you a job, take it. I know she didn’t set out to steal Kim’s job. But poor Kim. Wherever she is, I wish her well.

  192. What a load Steve. If KOST can afford to pay Kyra they could have afforded to pay Kim.
    The excuse of a down sizing by Clear Channel was baloney or they would not have hired Kyra, they would have recalled Kim.

  193. I love listening to X’mas songs but I decided to find an alternative to KOST because I wanted to listen to a wider variety of X’mas songs. And it wasn’t the same without Kim’s voice. I just happen to stumble onto KRTH and was pleasantly surprised they played X’mas songs, too (since when?). Then I heard Kim Amidon’s name mentioned. So, I “Yahooed” Kim Amidon and made a pleasant discovery.

    I’m relieved Kim Amidon has found a job back on radio. I can’t wait to listen to one of the best female voices on radio. Kim’s voice sounds whole, smart & assertive but feminine, funny not dominating. Yippee! Wahoo! = Yahoo!


  195. Many times I’d push my preset button for KOST in hopes I would hear the team of Mark and Kim in the morning, but the minute I hear Mark, but not Kim…it’s just not the same…I truly enjoyed the chemistry between them…it made mornings quite enjoyable…I do not get the same feeling…no warm fuzzies or entertainment…it’s ashame…

  196. Since Kim Amadon was fired I haven’t heard the morning show – I tried but it was terrible – not even at Christmas when the Christmas music was playing – I totally listen to KFI – Sorry Kost – I know that they are both owned by Clear Channel but Mark and Kim were great together and not alone. They destroyed the magic.

  197. It should be noted that Kim Amidon is not really employed by KRTH. She was only brought on board at Christmas to host their Knott’s Berry Farm remote and to do some promos for the holidays. Haven’t heard her at all since the holidays ended. Seems like a ploy to stick it to KOST. I’m sure like most program directors the KRTH PD likes thumbing his nose at the Clear Channel bosses who didn’t think he was needed anymore. He’s done a great job with KRTH, but some of this seems petty. Then again it makes for a rivalry, the kind that LA was home to back in the 60’s & 70’s. As for KOST, yeah the morning show is different, but it’s not as bad as everyone here makes it out to be.

  198. Mark Wallgren:

    Do you remember me? I used to take care of your babies and I had to moved to Texas.


  199. When Kim was gone from Kost 103.5 I was devastated! Mark & Kim were such a good team together. The morning show without Kim was not the same. When Kost started to play 24/7 only Christmas songs from before Thanksgiving through Christmas day, I mainly listen to the “Wave” 94.7. Although I enjoy Christmas songs, but to me the steady “bombardment” got a bit too much. – What a delight to hear Kim’s voice on the “Wave” again and learning that she is part of that station’s team. Good luck Kim. I am glad to hear your beautiful voice on the radio again.

  200. Used to listen to Kost 103 in the morning. Haven’t listened since Kim Amidon was let go. Clear Channel obviously had a moment of total brain fade when they broke up one of the best morning show teams around.

  201. I just got back from living in Texas these past few years… and the first thing i wanted to hear in the morning was mark/kim…shocker. No Kim/ No Kost…sorry, she made my morning commute enjoyable.

  202. Mark & Kim I love when you start Christmas every year around this time you make me fill like a little girl and that is not easy being a 45 year old mom and 9 kids and grand mother of 17 wonderful grand kids.I just love you for making me fill like a kid!

  203. Hey…I think I may know you…part of the Wahl family…lol! hope I can find out if you are the Mark I’m thinking of!

  204. so funny that I came across this thread for almost 10 years ago. I was a faithful Mark and Kim listener along with listening to KOST since the early ’80s. In a sad way I never really got over the ending of the pairing of Mark and Kim … and here it is 10 years later… Mark is on in the afternoons … Rodrigo is gone … Kristin Cruz is gone.. Bryan Simmons is in New Mexico … one thing is for sure … life goes on. I follow Kim on Social Media and she seems to be living a full and happy life.. Yes I learn for the KOST of old … and for the morning show .. good memories and good times. God bless to all.

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