Mark Simone, WNEW Stereo 1130 New York | Undated

1130 AM New York Klavan & Finch William B Williams Dick Partridge Mark Simone American Popular Standards, WNEW WBBR WQEW 1560 AM New York

We can’t pin down the date of this – but perhaps someone can. Mark Simone is the personality for this, the last and best era at the great Eleven Three Oh WNEW. I’m guessing it’s sometime in the 80s.

Andy Williams is Simone’s call-in guest.

What a well-done radio station this was! WNEW was anything but boring, despite playing music that nobody under 40 would have been caught dead listening to (oh, but some of us did). It was obviously the personalities that brought it all together for WNEW, a station that was so well loved, that when Bloomberg purchased the station and flipped 1130 to Business News, the former WQXR (AM) flipped from Classical to the former WNEW’s Standards format. WQEW “The Home of American Popular Standards” had a massive following for many years after the demise of WNEW. And, that’s the legacy that the great radio station featured here left.

Mark Simone, of course, is still around. A weekend talk show host on WABC. He’s one of the great personalities of New York radio and my guess is Simone will be remembered by future generations much the same way as people fondly remember Top 40 jocks like Scott Muni, Roscoe and even Ron Lundy. Time will tell, but one thing is certain. Recordings of WNEW are hard to find. We hope you’ll enjoy this small slice of the great WNEW, Eleven-Three-Oh in New York!

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks