October 17, 2021

3 thoughts on “Mason Dixon, 95.7 WMTX “Mix 96” Clearwater FL | March 1993

  1. It most positively is the same Mason (Leroy)Dixon from KCBQ.

    WMTX moving to 100.7 was a result of the divesting of Clear Channel’s 95.7 (which was short-spaced), as part of the purchase of Jacor in 1999, which owned 100.7.

  2. No doubt it is the same Mason Dixon of the once and present Q104/WRBQ FM/AM Tampa. Incidently Mix 96 was his follow up in the Tampa Bay market after running up the white flag at the origional CHR Q104.7. He was the loser in the very visable radio war that was launched by the Power Pig.

    Interesting top hour bed, does anyone know the title/production company? Also enjoyed hearing “Coming to America” and “Jesus, He Knows Me”. Two songs that get no respect in todays world of Mega-corporate ownership and snake consultants thinking only number 1 hits should be in a playlist.

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