Morning Madness: Jonathan Brandmeier on 97.9 WLUP-FM Chicago | January 1984

97.9 Chicago, WLUP

And now, what finished off WLS’ personality rock format for good! By 1984, WLUP was THE king of rock stations in Chicago (and by 1986 the grand experiment to turn the rockers into talkers by moving the most popular personalities to AM 1000 WLUP-AM was ON!).

Brandmeier is heard here starting his morning show on ‘The Loop’. As was the trend in the mid-80s, this is lots more talk than rock, lots of phone calls, laughs and plenty of news & information to get the day started. Check out the notable news events of the day on this ‘check!



  1. jay

    johnny’s back after too much time away from chicago and we’re all glad he is. johnny b is the best thing on radio in chicago since………johnny b! if you want to hear a triple-thick chicago police/politician/hotdog vendor accent, listen to the sports station- if you want to laugh, listen to brandmeier on the loop

  2. Big fan from 97.1 days. Do you still have content from your old website available anywhere? Loved Eduardo doing chris walken and jerry lewis. Want to find,,,need,,,

    Chris Walken singing Santa Claus is coming to town, “red suit, little elves, that fat stinking piece a’ shit, is coming to town, and he’s got your name, he knows when you’re slapping it. he knows if you’ve been bad or good,,, so be good, goddammit!

  3. s. wyler

    (By “the great one” I mean me!)

  4. Sherlynn Costa

    Hey Johnny B, not sure where your at these days, but if you could make an announcement that my beloved “Don ELVIS Costa” The King of Comedy has left the planet. Don passed suddenly of pneumonia thursday December 3rd in our home in St Charles, Il. Services are Saturday December 12th at Salerno’s Funeral Home 450 W Lake St, Roselle, Il 60172 from 10-6pm. For any further details I can be reached at 630/300-8192. And I thank you on his behave for many FUN FUN times with you, Buzz, Kevin and staff. I know he cherished those memories and talked about them ALL the time.

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