Larry Lujack with Animal Stories; Tommy Edwards – WLS AM & FM Chicago | January 1984

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Larry Lujack (June 6, 1940 – December 18, 2013) is heard once again on an excellent quality aircheck from his morning show on WLS AM and FM. This recording was made off the FM 94.7 side, so the audio is a clean as can be.

Listen for the WLS jingles, that AWESOME reverb, the incomperable Larry Lujack, AND…. a complete ANIMAL STORIES, with Li’l Tommy!

Another, from Robyn Watts, who so graciously donated a ton of material in 2004.



15 thoughts on “Larry Lujack with Animal Stories; Tommy Edwards – WLS AM & FM Chicago | January 1984

  1. Would give a wounded polecat for an MP-3 of Uncle Lar’s recorded sign on the mid/late 70’s on WLS. Ended with something like.”And the light was Lujack!” Seemed like it was a couple of minutes long, maybe 60 seconds. Was great stuff!

  2. Being a radio purist (whatever that means) this aircheck was excellent. . . a great example of Chicago radio at its best. What can you say—it’s Larry Lujack —superb.

  3. Sorry, I know I am a little behind – I just discovered this site recently.

    I grew up near Chicago during this era and would visit the Enormous 89 as much as I could. When Uncle Lar and Snot Nosed Tommy would do the live Animal Stories at 9:45am, there would be anywhere from 30-50 people standing in the lobby watching them. Even though you only saw their backs, it was still Larry and Tommy. Occasionally Lar’ would turn towards the crowd and yell “Hello Young Americans!” into the lobby intercom.

    It was the end of a great era of radio – I’m just glad I had the opportunity to see it.

  4. I wish I could find a complete recording of Lar’s last show. The end was a highlight reel of his whole career and ended with the wolf howl from animal stories. Any body know where we could find it?

  5. Could you make a CD available with the Animal Stories on it? It would make a great keepsake and hilarious listen to!!!!

  6. I used to listen to Larry and Lil Tommy every morning. I would crap up along with them when they were doing Animal Stories. I was in High School at the time. You get to know their voices so well, and I really miss them. I used to sing “Larry Lujack Super Jock” at school. It’s amazing the huge following they had back then. That is and always will be my favorite radio station. The trashy report is awesome too. Thank-you! Anita

  7. This brings me back to my car – it was the only place I could get WLS – since I was in Fargo ND at the time – Great Memories of freezing my butt off driving around trying to listen to WLS!

  8. Detassling corn in the summer heat of central Illinois aways would start with old uncle lar and little tommy, sweet.

  9. That’s it, I want to go back to 1984! That playlist just brings back so many memories of a better time in my life. I do get a kick out of the story about the polar ice caps melting; 16 years in the future of this track and 14 years ago in real life. They are still debating it thirty years later!

  10. I grew up in central Illinois listening to WLS and won many contests from 1983 to 1987 calling from small town near Springfield… Lujack, Edwards, Les Grobstein on Sports, Steve and Garry, Fred Winston, etc…were the best. In the late 80s I received three Animal Stories albums for Christmas…They still make me laugh…WLS was the best station ever on the radio. Love hearing Lujack again. RIP, Larry.

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