770 WABC,Charles mcCord,Don Imus Most Epic Charles McCord Tirade…EVER! Imus In The Morning, 77WABC New York | 2010

Most Epic Charles McCord Tirade…EVER! Imus In The Morning, 77WABC New York | 2010

On many team radio shows, the person at the head of the show gets all the credit for the success of the show. However, for many of these shows, there is a guy on a secondary mike, or even behind the scenes, who really brings the show together. For Don Imus, legendary New York radio personality, that person was Charles McCord. Charles was smart, funny, well read, and wrote many Imus bits, during their partnership, with ran from the 1970s, until 2011, when the team had a falling out. McCord was the one person who could talk Imus off the ledge when he was upset, and the one guy who could reel Imus back when he had gone too far.

This short aircheck shows the genius of Charles McCord, who had the skill & timing to take one little Imus mention, about of all things, cancer , and build comedy gold around it.

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