“Nightwatch”, 94.5 WLRW Champaign/Urbana IL | September 7, 1969

94.5 Champaign IL WLRW

WLRW Studios from the early 1970s

While there seems to be a fair number of surviving Top 40 station tapes all these years later, other formats didn’t get quite the same amount of attention. Any number of reasons could be a factor in this, not the least of which is lack of interest. With that background, here’s an unlikely format to have been captured: Easy Listening. Often referred to as “Beautiful Music”, these stations played popular music that was re-recorded by lesser-known (usually) groups, and quite often were simply instrumental versions of the original hits.

You’ll notice one thing right off about this recording. The quality of what came out of the FM receiver is stunning. It is in mono, but you’ll hardly notice. This aircheck is 46 years old and sounds better than most FM stations do today – of any format.

This is living proof that here at Airchexx, we don’t just focus on old Top 40. We’re a real radio museum. This is why for the first six months of this site’s existence, we called it “All-Format Airchexx”. Watch for more unique recordings like this one as we roll on through 2017 at the place “Where Classic Radio Lives!”