NYC 80’s CHR Wars: Jojo Morales on WHTZ


Here’s a jock who would be another staple of Z-100 throughout the 90s. Morales is another high-energy personality who would be a ratings leader on this mainstream CHR powerhouse!

More from ECA and Robyn Watts!

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6 Replies to “NYC 80’s CHR Wars: Jojo Morales on WHTZ”

    • Victoria Garcia

      I remember JoJo fondly from my High School days in NY. Listening to JoJo brings back some GREAT memories. I live in LA now and miss DJs like JoJo and Kid Kelly.. they were always so fun!

  1. ken burton

    Jojo was one of the worst I ever heard. I stopped listening to the station because of him. Good riddence, glad he isn’t on the air anymore. Talk about Air pollution.

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