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I can imagine hearing a collective groan as the reaction to visitors’ reading the title of this post. You might be thinking, “What? Another place, begging for money”? Given the difficulties with which many Americans (or, North Americans) have had in this pandemic-stricken year of 2020, it might be natural to assume that virtually nobody has a spare dime laying around. I certainly understand.

Each year around the same time, I post some sort of fundraising link here on Airchexx, in the hopes of raising at least enough to pay a few months worth of hosting. And to be honest, its not just the hosting each month, it’s all the tools I have these days to help out, many of them subscription based (because I don’t have the $ to drop down on large, but one time payments etc..) and all of it is to help bring this website and our two radio stations to you, and give it to you free of charge.

A word about raising cash for our bills.   You do see advertisements.  I need to touch on this because it probably seems fishy that we ask for donations while we have ads.   The advertisements on this site come from the AdSense program.  In radio, one company with one advertisement ROS daytime might be worth a few thousand dollars, right?  On the web, its the opposite. One website showing hundreds of different advertisements for dozens of different companies might be worth several pennies.  Literally.  There are days in which all the advertising you see on is worth less than ONE DOLLAR in total revenue for the day.  It has to do with our web traffic, how Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc all together limit non-paying organizations like our reach and what kind of bids and the ad’s “cpm” as determined by Google. (Don’t ask me to explain it here…)   Yes, there are days that we’ve made $20 in one day. (less than 1% of the total time this website has had advertisements).  The average is more like $1.50 a day.   Our bills are, lets just say, greater than $100 a month.   Email me if you want the breakdown.   I simply cannot use our family money to fund this site till the end of time.

Thus, the request for funding.

No. Airchexx is not the OTHER radio aircheck museum, however, the quantity and quality of fresh audio being donated for exhibit here are steadily increasing every month. I have a backup of several hundred aircheck tapes and more than a dozen contributors that still need to go online, and I just get further behind each week. If I wasn’t so picky and enjoy every bit of it… but that’s a different story.

I think I’ve made the point that Airchexx not only needs the funding, it also deserves it.   This radio museum has been up for over 18 years now, providing countless hundreds of thousands of hours of enjoyment and education to thousands of people all over the world who are curious as to how radio used to sound, and to others who remember it so well.   I know of only three large sites that do what we do, and perhaps half a dozen smaller ones, not talking about YouTube or SoundCloud accounts.  Won’t you help preserve this one?

Thank you.  Stay Safe, 73 and God Bless

Steve West – Founder

Donate any amount above. Or, if you prefer, we offer an option, below.

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Airchexx Autumn Fund Drive


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